Publications, Libraries and Archives

Information about past conferences, symposia and projects is archived here. You can also find below links to the two main libraries contained within the Institute, the Susan Manning Library and the Timothy Sprigge Library.

  • The Susan Manning Library
    Books and journals from the collection of Professor Susan Manning (1953-2013), Grierson Professor of English Literature and IASH Director 2007-13.
  • The Timothy Sprigge Library
    Books and journals from the library of Professor Timothy L. S. Sprigge (1932-2007), Regius Professor of Logic and Metaphysics at the University of Edinburgh, 1979-1989.
  • Fellows’ Publications
    Many former IASH fellows have generously donated publications to the Institute, forming a valuable resource across a range of disciplines and languages.
  • Karina Williamson donations
    Honorary IASH Fellow Karina Williamson generously left much of her personal library with us when moving her office. 

We also regularly publish essays, papers and books by Fellows as part of our long-running Occasional Papers series.