Dialogues with Darwin

Dialogues with Darwin – a series of five papers given at the University of Edinburgh in Spring 2009 as part of the Darwin bicentennial celebrations:

  • Darwin’s Voyage: Circumnavigation, World History and the Sublime, Ian Duncan, 2009
    ISBN 978-0-9532713-4-4
  • Darwin in Scotland, David Fergusson, 2009
    ISBN 978-0-9532713-5-1
  • Charles Darwin: Some Scottish Connections, Walter M. Stephen, 2009
    ISBN 978-0-9532713-6-8
  • Edinburgh, Enlightenment and Darwin’s Expression of the Emotions, Gregory Radick, 2009
    ISBN 978-0-9532713-7-5
  • Evolving Creation, John Polkinghorne, 2009
    ISBN 978-0-9532713-8-2