Dialogues with Hume

Dialogues with Hume – a series of five papers given at IASH in 2011 as part of the David Hume Tercentenary celebrations

  • Conversation: and the Reception of David Hume, Peter Jones, 2011
    ISBN 978-0-9532713-9-9
  • Gathering Uncertainties. A conversation between playwright Linda McLean and Susan Manning, 2011
    ISBN 978-0-9568610-0-9
  • Hume and Searle – the is/ought gap vs. speech act theory, Daniel Schulthess, 2011
    ISBN 978-0-9568610-1-6
  • Hume’s intellectual development – an overview, James Harris, 2011
    ISBN 978-0-9568610-2-3
  • Reason, Induction and Causation in Hume’s Philosophy, Don Garrett and Peter Millican, 2011
    ISBN 978-0-9568610-3-0