Origins (Adebusola Ramsay 2014; Acrylic on canvas, 50.8 x 50.8cm). Photograph by Sekai Machache. All rights reserved. An abstract painting of a city reflected in water. The colours are vibrant with a yellow sky, blue water and multicoloured buildings.

Institute Project on Decoloniality

IASH is pleased to announce a new three-year project examining a variety of topics centred on decoloniality. The Institute Project on Decoloniality 2021-2024 (IPD ‘24) is now open for applications, with deadlines for project proposals in February 2022 (for the second year’s cohort of mid-career and senior scholars) and April 2022 (for the second year’s cohort of postdoctoral and Early Career scholars).

The first year's Fellows can be found here: