Diversifying the space sciences

Dr Jarita Holbrook

Despite the COVID-19 lockdown, film-maker and 2020 IASH-SSPS Fellow Dr Jarita Holbrook has produced a number of short films about their work on astronomy and space science. The pieces variously explore the intersections between scientists and those who live near radio telescopes, the fight to diversify the space sciences and indigenous navigation using the stars.


Space Science in Context 2020: Jarita Holbrook (11 minutes) was created as a submission to the Space Science in Context virtual conference under the theme of diversifying the space sciences. In this short, Dr Holbrook gives a description of their film projects and explores why they became a film maker. Their daughter, Jasmina Davé, offers a teenager's perspective. It can be viewed on YouTube or via the embed below.



Limits of Perception (12 minutes) was created for a new art exhibition opening at the Saavy Gallery in Berlin in summer 2020. "The Limits of Perception" is an art installation and laboratory by artist Ivana Franke. As part of the opening, this video focuses on navigation by the stars and how it is accomplished in Fiji, Tunisia, and the United States of America. Dr Holbrook describes their research and responds to a few of the art pieces in the exhibition. It can also be viewed on YouTube or via the embed below.



Echoes of the SKA (15 minutes) was created as a submission to the Association of Social Anthropologists (ASA) under the theme of ‘speaking in their own voice’. It highlights the voices of scientists, social workers, and citizens living near the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope in South Africa. The film is still under consideration but it can be seen here (requires EASE access).