The Timothy Sprigge Library

Timothy Lauro Squire Sprigge (1932 – 2007)

Regius Professor of Logic and Metaphysics, 1979-1989 and Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (1993+). His own publications include: A Vindication of Absolute Idealism (1983); James and Bradley: American Truth and British Reality (1993); Santayana: An Examination of his Philosophy (1995); and The God of Metaphysics (2006).

IASH is honoured to hold the Sprigge Library, the personal collection of Professor Timothy L.S. Sprigge, donated by his widow. Visiting scholars are invited to make use of it during their stay.

The focus of the Sprigge Library is philosophical idealism, and it contains superb collections of Baruch Spinoza, Edmund Husserl, William James, F.H. Bradley, George Santayana, A.N. Whitehead, and of course Sprigge's own books.  His papers are deposited in the Sprigge Archive in the University Library:

For details of the life and works of T.L.S.Sprigge, see:

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The books are available for consultation on application to the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities. Email:

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Catalogue of books from the collection of Professor Errol Harris, donated to the Institute by his sons, which supplement the Sprigge Library.


Abel, Reuben. The Pragmatic Humanism of F.C.S.Schiller, 1955

Acton, H.B. Kant's Moral Philosophy, 1970

Aldrich, Virgil C. Philosophy of Art, 1963

Allard, James W. The Logical Foundations of Bradley's Metaphysics: Judgement, Inference, and Truth, 2005

Almond, Brenda. Moral Concerns, 1987

Alston, William P. Philosophy of Language, 1964

Ameriks, Karl (Ed). The Cambridge Companion to German Idealism, 2000

Anderson, Alan Ross (Ed). Minds and Machines, 1964

Anselm. Proslogion: With the Replies of Gaunilo and Anselm, 2001

Armour, Leslie. Being and Idea: Developments of Some Thoughts in Spinoza. and Hegel, 1992

Armstong, D.M. What is a Law of Nature?, 1985 (1983)

Armstrong, D.M. A Materialist Theory of the Mind, 1968

Armstrong, D.M. A Theory of Universals: Universals & Scientific Realism Vol1, 1980 (1978)

Armstrong, D.M. Nominalism and Realism: : Universals & Scientific Realism Vol2, 1980 (1978)

Armstrong, D.M. The Nature of Mind, 1981

Armstrong, Karen. A History of God: From Abraham to the Present: the 4000yr Quest for God, 1993

Armstrong, Karen. Islam: A Short History, 2002 (2000)

Ashrama, Advaita. Practical Vedanta, 1974

Atkinson, C.M. Jeremy Bentham: His Life and Work, 1905

Audi, Robert (General Ed). The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy, 1999 (1995)

Ayer, A.J. Language Truth and Logic, 1952

Ayer, A.J. Logical Positivism, 1963

Ayer, A.J. Metaphysics and Common Sense, 1969

Ayer, A.J. More of my Life, 1985

Ayer, A.J. Part of my Life, 1977

Ayer, A.J. Philosophical Essays, 1954

Ayer, A.J. Philosophy in the Twentieth Century, 1984

Ayer, A.J. Probability and Evidence, 1973  (1972)

Ayer, A.J. Russell and Moore: The Analytical Heritage, 1973 (1971)

Ayer, A.J. The Central Questions of Philosophy, 1976 (1963)

Ayer, A.J. The Concept of a Person and other essays, 1963

Ayer, A.J. The Foundations of Empirical Knowledge, 1955 (1940)

Ayer, A.J. The Meaning of Life, 1988

Ayer, A.J. The Origins of Pragmatism: Studies in the Philosophy of Charles Sanders Peirce and William James, 1968

Ayer, A.J. The Problem of Knowledge, 1956

Ayer, Kneale, Paul, Pears, Strawson, Warnock, Wollheim The Revolution in Philosophy, 1956

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Ballou, Robert O. (Ed) The Bible of the World, 1940

Ballou, Robert O. (Ed) The Pocket World Bible, 1948

Ballowe, James (ed) George Santayana's America: Essays on Literature and Culture, 1967

Barfield, Owen. Romanticism Comes of Age, 1966

Barfield, Owen. Saving the appearances: A study in idolatory

Barker, S.F. Philosophy of Mathematics, 1964

Barnes, Ernest William. The Rise of Christianity, 1948 (1947)

Barnes, Jonathan. Early Greek Philosophy, 1988 (1987)

Barnes, Jonathan. The Presocratic Philosophers Vol. 1 - Thales to Zeno, 1979

Barnes, Jonathan. The Presocratic Philosophers Vol. 2 - Empedocles to Democritus, 1979

Barrow, John and Tipler, Frank. The Anthropic Cosmological Principle, 1986

Bartels, Jeroen. Kennis/Geschiedenis/Objectiviteit: Een filosofische reflectie op enkele ontwikkelingen in de wetenschapstheorie, 1987

Barthes, Roland. Systeme de la Mode, 1967

Basile, Pierfrancesco. Experience and Relations - an examination of F.H. Bradley's Conception of Reality, 1999

Bateman, Meg; Crawford, Robt; and McGonigal, James (Eds) Scottish Religious Poetry: From the Sixth Century to the Present, 2000

Baumgardt, David. Bentham and the Ethics of Today, 1952

Bayles, Michael D. (Ed, intro). Contemporary Utilitarianism, 1968

Becker, Lawrence and Charlotte (eds) Encyclopedia of Ethics Second Edition A-G, 2001 (1991)

Becker, Lawrence and Charlotte (eds) Encyclopedia of Ethics Second Edition H-O, 2001 (1992)

Becker, Lawrence and Charlotte (eds) Encyclopedia of Ethics Second Edition P-W, 2001 (1992)

Beiser, Frederick C. (Ed) The Cambridge Companion to Hegel, 1998 (1993)

Bell, David. Husserl, 1990

Bell, David. Spinoza. in Germany from 1670 to the Age of Goethe, 1984

Bellingham, Susan; Kerr-Lawson, A. A Catalogue of the Library of George Santayana in the University of Waterloo Library, 1980

Bellini, Ornella. Una Letture idealistica della 'Analitica Transcendentale', 1990

Bennett, Jonathan. A Study of Spinoza.'s Ethics, 1984

Bennett, Jonathan. Kant's Analytic, 1966

Bennett, Jonathan. Kant's Dialectic, 1974

Bentham, Jeremy. A Fragment On Government and Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation, 1948

Bentham, Jeremy. Bentham's Political Thought, 1973

Bergson, Henri. Creative Evolution, 1911

Bergson, Henri. Oeuvres, 1959

Berkeley, George. A New theory of Vision and other selected Philosophical Writings, 1919 (1910)

Binney, Cecil. Crime and Abnormality, 1949

Bird, Graham. William James, 1986

Bird, Graham. William James, 1986

Bjork, Daniel W. The Compromised Scientist: William James in the Development of American Psychology, 1983

Blackburn, Simon. Spreading the Word: Groundings in the Philosophy of Language, 1984

Blackham, H.J. Objections to Humanism, 1965

Blanshard, Brand. Reason and Analysis, 1962

Bohm, David. Wholeness and the Implicate Order , 1983 (1980)

Borst, C.V. (ED) The Mind/Brain identity theory, 1973 (1970)

Borst, C.V. (ED) The Mind/Brain identity theory, 1975 (1970

Bosanquet, Bernard. Civilisation of Christendom, 1893

Bosanquet, Bernard. Contemporary Philosophy, 1921

Bosanquet, Bernard. Psychology of the Moral Self, 1897

Bosanquet, Bernard. Some Suggestions in Ethics, 1918

Bosanquet, Bernard. The Essentials of Logic, 1897

Bosanquet, Bernard. The Philosophical Theory of the State, 1965

Bosanquet, Bernard. The Value and Destiny of the Individual, 1913

Bowden, John. Jesus: The Unanswered Questions, 1988

Bowden, John and Richmond, James (eds) A Reader in Contemporary Theology, 1967

Bowes, Pratima. Consciousness and Freedom: Three Views, 1971

Bowes, Pratima. The Hindu Religious Tradition: A Philosophical Approach, 1977

Bowker, John. The Meanings of Death, 1993 (1991)

Bowring, John. The Works of Jeremy Bentham, 1960

Bowring, John. The Works of Jeremy Bentham part 1, 1960

Bowring, John. The Works of Jeremy Bentham Part II, 1960

Bracken, Harry M. Freedom of Speech - Words are not Deeds, 1994

Bradbury, F.R. (Ed) Words and Numbers: A student's guide to intellectual methods, 196

Bradley, A.C. Oxford Lectures on Poetry, 1950

Bradley, F.H. Appearance and Reality, 1968 (1893)

Bradley, F.H. Appearance and Reality: A Metaphysical Essay, 1916 (1893)

Bradley, F.H. Collected Essays, 1969

Bradley, F.H. Collected Works of F.H. Bradley  2. A focus on Metaphysics and Psychology, 1999

Bradley, F.H. Collected Works of F.H. Bradley 1. A Pluralistic Approach to Philosophy, 1999

Bradley, F.H. Collected Works of F.H. Bradley 3. Refinement and Revision, 1999

Bradley, F.H. Collected Works of F.H. Bradley 4.Selected Correspondence 1872 - 1904, 1999

Bradley, F.H. Collected Works of F.H. Bradley 5. Selected Correspondence 1905 - 1924, 1999

Bradley, F.H. Essays on Truth and Reality, 1914

Bradley, F.H. Ethical Studies, 1962 (1876)

Bradley, F.H. Ethical Studies, 1927 (1876)

Bradley, F.H. The Principles of Logic Vol 1, 1963 (1883)

Bradley, F.H. The Principles of Logic Vol 2, 1963 (1883)

Bradley, F.H. Writings on Logic and Metaphysics, 1994

Brain, Sir Russell. The Nature of Experience, 1959

Braithwaite, R.B. An Empiricist's View of the Nature of Religious Belief, 1955

Brentano, Franz. Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint, 1973

Brentano, Franz. The Origin of Our Knowledge of Right and Wrong, 1969 (1889

Brentano, Franz. The True and the Evident, 1966

Britton, K. John Stuart Mill, 1953

Britton, K. John Stuart Mill, 1953

Broad, C.D. Five Types of Ethical Theory, 1956 (1930)

Broad, C.D. Lectures on Psychical Research: Incorporating the Perrot Lectures Given in Cambridge University in 1959 and 1960, 1962

Broad, C.D. Leibniz: an Introduction, 197

Broad, C.D. Scientific Thought, 1923

Broad, C.D. The Mind and its place in Nature , 1962 (1925)

Broadie, Alexander. George Lockert: Late Scholastic Logician, 1983

Brockington, J.L. The Sacred Thread: Hinduism in its Continuity and Diversity, 1981

Brown, Jason W. Mind and Nature: Essays on Time and Subjectivity, 2000

Brown, Jason W. The Self-Embodying Mind: Process, Brain Dynamics and the Conscious Present, 2002

Buber, Martin. I and Thou, 1944 (1937)

Buehrens, John and Forrester Church, F. Our Chosen Faith: An introduction to Unitarian Universalism, 1989

Bullock, Alan. Building Jerusalem: A Portrait of my Father, 2000

Buranelli, Vincent. Josiah Royce, 1964

Burkhardt, Hans and Smith, Barry (Eds) Handbook of Metaphysics and Ontology, 1991

Burkhardt, Hans and Smith, Barry (Eds) Handbook of Metaphysics and Ontology,

Burns, J.H. Jeremy Bentham and University College, 1962

Butler, Joseph. Five Sermons: Preached at the Rolls Chapel and A Dissertation Upon the Nature of Virtue, 1950

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Caird, John. An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion, 1910

Calder, Nigel. Einstein's Universe, 1979

Calvin, John. On God and Political Duty, 1956 (1950)

Calvin, John. On the Christian Faith: Selections from the Institutes, Commentaries, and Tracts, 1957

Campbell, John. Reference and Consciousness, 2002

Campbell, Norman. What is Science?, 1952 (1921)

Camporesi, Cristiano. Credenza e non credenza nel processo educativo: I limiti del conoscere sociologico, 1997

Camporesi, Cristiano. Entente Cordiale, 1999

Camporesi, Cristiano. Entente Cordiale: Figure del realismo critico nell'educazione tra Francia e impero britannico, 1999

Camporesi, Cristiano. L'Uno e I molti: L'Idealismo Britannico dal 1830 al 1920, 1980

Camporesi, Cristiano. Rigenerazione, 2003

Camporesi, Cristiano. Vittime dell'Illuminismo: La conoscenza come illuminazione e la sfinge gnoseologica, 2000

Capra, Fritjof. The Tao of Physics, 1981

Carr, Herbert Wildon. Cogitans Cogitata, 1930

Carr, Herbert Wildon. The Philosophy of Benedetto Croce, 1917

Carrette, Jeremy (Ed) William James and the Varieties of Religious Experience, 2005

Carroll, Robert and Stephen Prickett (Eds) The Bible, 1997

Carter, Matt. T.H. Green and the Development of Ethical Socialism, 2003

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Clark, Stephen R.L The Moral Status of Animals, 2000

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Collingwood, R.G. The Idea of History, 1961 (1946)

Collingwood, R.G. The Principles of Art, 1970 (1958)

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conference papers Spinoza.'s Philosophy of Man: Proceedings of the Scandinavian Spinoza. Symposium 1977, 1978

Cooper, David E. Thinkers Of Our Time: Heidegger, 1996

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Copleston, F.C. Aquinas, 1955

Corbett, Patrick. Ideologies, 1965

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The Philosophical Writings of Descartes Vol 1, 1990 (1985)

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Damasio, Antonio. Looking for Spinoza.: Joy, Sorrow and the Feeling Brain, 2003

Davidson, Donald. Essays on Actions and Events, 1980

Davidson, Donald. Inquiries into Truth and Interpretation, 1984 (1984)

Davie, George. A Passion for Ideas - Essays on the Scottish Enlightenment Vol II, 1994

Davie, George. Ferrier and the Blackout of the Scottish Enlightenment, 2003

Davie, George. Ferrier and the Blackout of the Scottish Enlightenment, 2003

Davie, George. The Crisis of the Democratic Intellect: The Problem of Generalism and Specialisation in Twentieth-Century Scotland, 1986

Davie, George. The Democratic Intellect: Scotland and Her Universities in the Nineteenth Century, 1982 (1961)

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North American Spinoza Society #5, #6, #7, #11


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