Professor Leemon McHenry

Visiting Research Fellow

April - June 2017

Home institution

California State University, Northridge


I have worked mainly in metaphysics and philosophy of science in my academic career, but most recently I have turned my attention to evidence-based medicine and medical ethics as a result of research consulting for a Los Angeles based law firm. My most recent books are The Event Universe: The Revisionary Metaphysics of Alfred North Whitehead (Edinburgh University Press, 2015) and The Illusion of Evidence-Based Medicine (co-author Jon Jureidini; Wakefield, 2020).


The Illusion of Evidence-Based Medicine

The scientific foundation of medicine, evidence-based medicine, is corrupted by the profit motive of the pharmaceutical industry.  Without disinterested, independent bodies that design, conduct and report the testing of medicine for efficacy and safety, evidenced-based medicine is an illusion.  I argue that Karl Popper’s philosophy of science, falsificationism, provides the framework and guiding principles for restoring the integrity of the system.