Professor the Hon. Adrian Lyttelton

Nominated Fellow

Nominated Fellow, April - May 2019

Home Institution: Johns Hopkins University, Bologna Center         

Project: Sismondi and the History of Liberty

Fellow, All Souls College, Oxford (1960-1968)
Senior Research Fellow, St. Antony's College, Oxford (1968-1975)
Professor of Modern European History, University of Reading (1976-1979)
Professor of European History, Johns Hopkins University, Bologna Center (1979-1990)
Professor of European History, University of Pisa (1990-2000)
Adjunct Professor, Johns Hopkins University, Bologna Center (1990-1995)
Resident Professor in Modern History, American Academy in Rome (2003)
Lauro De Bosis Lecturer, Center for European Studies, Harvard University, (2011)
Senior Adjunct Professor, Johns Hopkins University, Bologna Center (2000-2014)
Fellow, Johns Hopkins University, Bologna Center (2014-…)

European History

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