Professor Cheng Liu

Nominated Fellow

July - October 2017

Home Institution: Capital Normal University, P R China


August - September, 2017

Cheng LIU, FRHistS , Professor at School of History, Capital Normal University in Beijing. Her working area is Medieval and Early Modern European history, especially the Church in Medieval England and the Reformation in 16th century. The Book and articles Published by her include Human Life Regulated by Christianity in the Medieval West ( being selected into “National Achievements Library of Philosophy and Social Sciences” in 2011, and being awarded by Beijing Academy in 2014), A Monarch’s Duty: The Reign of Mary Tudor in England , Justification by Faith Alone: A Singular Route to Salvation, Shift of Functions: From Sacramental Priesthood to Preaching ministry, The Revolution in Theological Doctrine during the Reigns of Edward VI and Elizabeth I in England, Church of England: from papal supremacy to royal supremacy.

She will spend the time at IASH with making a research proposal on the topic 'Secularization of Modernity Society: A Comparative study focussing on British modern History'. She will carry on the work by exploring the recent development of historiography on this topic, collecting books and documents, and constructing a broad outline for this research topic.