Katrine Lindvig

Katrine Lindvig

May 2016 - Aug 2016

Home institution

University of Copenhagen


An Academic Research Fellow at the Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Katrine Lindvig is part of the research project “Interdisciplinary education” that focuses on strengthening interdisciplinary teaching and education at UCPH. The project pinpoints the challenges and opportunities in interdisciplinary teaching as seen from the perspective of both educators and students. To boost the interdisciplinary teaching and education, didactic tools, courses, and consultancy services are developed throughout the project.

She holds an interdisciplinary BA and MA in Educational Studies and International Development Studies from Roskilde University. Prior to her work at UCPH, she has been part of research projects looking at interdisciplinary research and collaboration, hybrid qualifications in vocational education as well as the development of academic identity in new interdisciplinary university programmes.


How is interdisciplinary research transformed into interdisciplinary educational programs – a case study at the University of Copenhagen

Though interdisciplinary education is now a priority for university managements and education policymakers, little attention has thus far been given to the actual process of creating interdisciplinary education and teaching. This study looks at the practical, didactical and pedagogical planning that happens between policymaking, output assessment and educational accreditation.


Lindvig, K., & Ulriksen, L. (2016). Tilstræbt og realiseret tværfaglighed i universitetsundervisning. Dansk Universitetspædagogisk Tidsskrift, 11(20), 5–13.

Jørgensen, C. H., & Lindvig, K. (2011). Hybrid qualifications. Increasing the value of vocational education and training in the comtext of Lifelong Learning: Country report 2 Denmark. Views and experiences of stakeholders in relation to hybrid qualifications. http://hq-lll.eu/: European Commission.

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