Dr Nicole Rigillo

IASH-SSPS / Digital Scholarship Research Fellow

Dr Nicole Rigillo (Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore)

IASH-SSPS / Digital Scholarship Research Fellow. August - November 2018

Project: Open‐Source Governance: Mobile Apps and Sustainability Citizenship in Bangalore, India


I am a socio-cultural anthropologist interested in the shifting landscape of social responsibility and its relationship to governance in India today. My current research, funded by the Fonds de recherche société et culture du Québec, the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, and the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH), examines how citizens and government representatives in Bangalore are using online platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter to collaboratively govern over civic and environmental issues (e.g. waste management, crime). My doctoral work at McGill University (2015) examined the emergence of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a new form of non-state social welfare provision in Bangalore following the 2013 revision of India's Companies Act.