Dr Michael Paye

Nominated Fellow

Dr Michael Paye

University of Warwick

Nominated Fellow, February to April 2020.

Project: Expanding the Blue Humanities Network

Michael Paye is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at the University of Warwick. He received his PhD from University College Dublin in 2017, and was a Fulbright Scholar at Princeton University during his final six months of studies. His research interests include contemporary literature and environmental studies, with a particular focus on oceans, fisheries, oil, and enclosure. His articles have appeared in Green Letters, Atlantic Studies, Humanities, and The Irish University Review. His monograph, ‘Fishery Fictions and the World-Ecology’, is under contract with Routledge’s Environmental Humanities series. It explores representations of fishing booms and petroleum extraction in Irish, Scottish, Canadian, and Nigerian fiction. Michael is also the founder of the Blue Humanities Network, which links scholars working on water-based and oceanic projects.

As a Nominated Fellow at IASH, Michael is co-editing a special issue of Humanities, entitled ‘World Literature and the Blue Humanities’, which will feature contributions on the intersections between theories of world literature and the blue humanities. He is also a co-investigator of ‘World/Water Futures’, which is funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh. As part of this project, he will be co-organising a number of workshops on blue humanities, with the aim of positioning Scottish coastal, riverine, and oceanic concerns within a global context.