Dr Marina Folescu

American Philosophical Association Fellow


September - October 2017      

Home Institution: University of Missouri                             


I am an assistant professor of Philosophy at the University of Missouri, USA. My research is focused on the History of Modern Philosophy and the Philosophy of Mind and Language. I'm currently working on developing a series of papers that lay out Thomas Reid's account of singular thought and its role in our knowledge of the world and ourselves.

Beside common-sense philosophy, much like G. E. Moore, I enjoy the simple pleasures of life: gardening, hiking, the visual arts, and running in sandals.

Project: "Consciousness and Immunity to Error Through Misidentification in British Modern Philosophy"

The starting point of this project is the disagreement between John Locke (1632-1704) and Thomas Reid (1710-1796) concerning our faculty of consciousness. I will highlight the role of memory in holding all representations of the self together. The main goal of the project is to shed light on some issues that are still part of current debates about de se thoughts and immunity to error through misidentification.