Dr María Alonso Alonso

Visiting Research Fellow
María Alonso Alonso
May 2016 - Aug 2016

Home institution

Hispanic Studies, University of Vigo


Dr María Alonso Alonso is the author of Diasporic Marvellous Realism: History, Identity and Memory in Caribbean Fiction (Brill, 2015) and of the forthcoming Transmigrantes: fillas da precariedade (Axóuxere, in press). She is also the bibliography contributor for the Caribbean to The Journal of Commonwealth Literature. Her research interests centre upon both Caribbean and Latin American studies, primarily engaging in exploring issues of gender and diaspora in contemporary literary production. She is currently working on her new monograph, Contra la violencia: el realismo brutal de la nueva narrativa latinoamericana (Against Violence: the Brutal Realism of the New Latin American Literature). Apart from the abovementioned academic information, she is also an award-winning fiction writer in the Galician language.


Tales of Insurgency and Resistance: Latin American Arts Strike Back Against Femicide

This project explores the responses to violence against women through works by contemporary Latin American artists. Literature, the visual arts and music are modes of expression that represent a powerful example of how activism can be exerted in the most diverse manners in order to denounce and revolve against femicide.