Dr Laura Cariola

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Laura Cariola, University of Edinburgh    

Postdoctoral Fellow, October 2017 - July 2018    

Presentations of complex mental illness in media and medical discourses: A corpus‐assisted study

Laura’s Ph.D in Linguistics at Lancaster University examined how individuals construct self and object boundaries through the use of language in autobiographical memories and psychotherapeutic dialogues. During her postdoctoral appointments at the School of Health in Social Science of the University of Edinburgh, Laura focussed on the use of language-based data in the development of policy recommendations and interventions in clinical psychology and nursing studies.

At IASH, Laura will use in-depth corpus-assisted discourse analysis to explore how complex mental illnesses are presented in UK newspaper articles and medical case studies. Special attention is given to identify how discourse types compare in their communication of stereotypes and prejudices that create and reinforce existing social stigma against individuals affected by mental illness.