Dr Gavin Melles

Nominated Fellow

Home Institution: Swinburne University of Technology


Project: The Ladder of Sustainable Development in UK Postgraduate Courses: Mainstream and Strong Principles

Dates: October - December 2016

Dr Gavin Melles is Senior Lecturer in the School of Design at Swinburne University (Melbourne, Australia). He teaches, supervises and researches in the areas of sustainability, social enterprise and innovation, and technology design. He is an member of the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) for Low Carbon Living and also the AutoCRC EV Bus Malaysia project. He supervises PhDs in a variety of related areas including: sustainable urban regeneration in Iran, sustainable urban transport design for Malaysia 2020, digital media and low carbon renovations, co-design strategies for community engagement, organisational transformation, etc. He has previously held research fellowships funded by a range of bodies at Linköping University (Sweden), University of Applied Sciences of Basel (Switzerland), TU Dresden and RWTH Aachen (Germany). He has Masters in Anthropological Linguistics (University of Costa Rica), PhD in Education (Deakin University), and recently completed an MSc in Sustainable Development (SOAS). Dr Melles has editorial responsibilities with seven international journals in education, humanities and design. He is an active member of the Australia-India Institute, Development Studies Association and the IUCN-CEC, among other organisations. His main working languages are English, German, Spanish and French.