Dr Erle Rikmann

IASH-SSPS Visiting Research Fellow
Erle Rikmann

Jun - Aug 2016

Home institution

University of Jyväskylä, Finland.


Transnational civic activity online and offline: young Russian-speakers in North-East Europe

It has been said that the history of mankind is largely the history of migration. However, the social, political and technological developments have changed its nature. In today’s increasingly diverse and mobile world, growing numbers of people come into contact with more than one culture and their socialization, the creation of social categories, identity construction processes and political, cultural and religious practices are going on in a more complex context than in the past. I am interested in the impact of the participation in trans-national online space on young people with immigrant backgrounds as for their attitudes and behavior in the host countries and whether / how the youth transmit their perceptions of political culture and social activity based on their experiences in the host countries, in turn, in this trans-national space. More specifically, I examine comparatively young Russians in the EU countries of different political cultures (living in Finland and Estonia) and analyze their activity and actions in a particular transnational space of its kind – the Russian-language blogosphere using the Internet, the so-called Runet.