Dr Elizabeth Ford

Daiches-Manning Memorial Fellow

Dr Elizabeth Ford (University of Glasgow)


Daiches-Manning Memorial Fellow, September 2018 - February 2019

Project: The musical culture of coffee houses and taverns in eighteenth‐century Edinburgh

This project focuses on the musical life in Edinburgh in informal extra-musical spaces--the tavern and the coffee house--and the musical environment that led to the formation of the Edinburgh Musical Society.  Collaboration with the AHRC-funded Space, Place, Sound, and Memory: Immersive Experiences of the Past will result in a recreation of the sound environment of the Cross Keys tavern.

Elizabeth Ford's research focuses on the flute in Scottish musical culture.  Her doctoral thesis on the flute in eighteenth-century Scotland won the National Flute Association 2017 Graduate Research Award,  She is one of the research assistants on the Royal Society of Edinburgh-funded Eighteenth-century Arts Education Research Network (EAERN).  Other research projects look at the overlaps in flute playing and piping, Highland and Lowland culture, and the idea of "Scottishness."  She was awarded a fellowship from the Handel Institute to work on an edition of James Oswald's chamber music, and she is collaborating with instrument maker Donald Lindsay to recreate the unique bell-ended flute shown on the ceiling of Crathes Castle (Banchory, Aberdeenshire).  Her edition of William McGibbon's complete sonatas will be published by A-R Editions in December 2018.