Dr Claudia Stern

Centre for the Study of Modern and Contemporary History (CMSCH) Fellow

Centre for the Study of Modern and Contemporary History (CMSCH) Fellow, March - May 2019
Home Institution: Tel Aviv University

Project: “By reason or force”: Unravelling nationhood, class and space under the shadow of cultural trauma 1970-1990​

By virtue of my own transdisciplinary formation I have being exploring cultural and social experiences across a multidisciplinary perspective. My research in modern Latin American history focuses particularly on the intersection of middle classes, collective identities, gender, urban history, transnationality, as well as ethnicity.

I received my PhD in History at Tel Aviv University in 2016. As Postdoc fellow at the Institute of Peace and Conflict Research IPAZ at Granada University in 2016, I focused on the ethnic pan of my research on immigrants and Chilean middle classes. As a Minerva Postdoc fellow at Freie Universität Berlin (2016-2018) I started my new research project which is a second phase of my Chilean middle classes research, that deals with different historiographical methodologies, provides a fresh approach to social research on the middle classes, and indicates guidelines for comparisons. In this study I introduce the linkage between cultural trauma and identity, which emerged as an aftereffect of social collapse, while examining the redefinition of Chilean middle classes identities, their inter and intra-generational gender differences, and repercussions from 1970-1990.

As part of this project, my research at IASH explores specifically what the value of urban history is in the study of classes and its social construction are, as well as how urban icons impact and shape individual and national identities. Similarly, it looks at how public spaces played a key role as rupture markers in reshaping identities. This analysis stresses that the transformation of Chilean middle classes identities can be also understood through urban transformation as a class indicator.