Dr Christian Cooijmans

Postdoctoral Fellow

Postdoctoral Fellow, August - December 2019


Project: Shore Leave: The Origins, Development, and Influences of Scandinavian Encampment across Viking Age Europe

Christian is a medieval historian whose research explores the reach and repercussions of viking activity across the Frankish realm, as well as its subsequent, premodern historiography. Having received his doctorate from the University of Edinburgh in 2018, his thesis put forward a development model of Franco-Scandinavian interaction, demonstrating regional viking endeavour to have adhered to an overarching paradigm of movement and encroachment.

As well as serving as editor for Traversing the Inner Seas (2017) and co-editor for Beyond Borealism (2016), his forthcoming monograph – Monarchs and Hydrarchs: The Conceptual Development of Viking Activity across the Frankish Realm (c. 750-940) – will be published with Routledge over the coming months. He is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, and likewise serves as a committee member for the Scottish Society for Northern Studies.

Building on his prior research, Christian’s IASH project will produce an overarching survey and comparative analysis of the maritime, riverine, and lacustrine encampments established by itinerant viking hosts across western Europe (8th-11th centuries CE).