Dr Birgit Van Puymbroeck

Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Birgit Van Puymbroeck

Visiting Research Fellow, January - June 2020


Project: Bardic Traditions on Air: Modernism, Radio, and Celtic Revivalism (1929-1964)


My research focuses on various aspects of nineteenth-century and twentieth-century Anglophone and Francophone literature and culture, with a strong emphasis on modernism. My first monograph Modernist Literature and European Identity (forthcoming with Routledge) explores how European and non-European modernist authors envisaged cultural Europe during the interwar period. It highlights the crucial role of periodicals in establishing a forum for transnational exchange and argues that Europe was from the beginning a very fragile and contested project. My new research project, funded by the Research Foundation – Flanders and carried out at Ghent University, researches the relations between regional modernism and radio in Britain and Ireland. It explores how radio facilitated the emergence of Celtic revivalist culture in the mid-twentieth century.

At IASH, I will be examining the works of Scottish avant-garde authors Hugh MacDiarmid and Joseph MacLeod from a broadcasting perspective.

For more information, please see my profile page at Ghent University: https://research.flw.ugent.be/en/birgit.vanpuymbroeck