Dr Anne Schwan

Visiting Research Fellow

July - October 2017


Home Institution: Edinburgh Napier University            

Project: German Internees Writing the First World War 

Dr Anne Schwan has been working on representations of crime and punishment for the last fifteen years, with a particular focus on women’s prisons. She is the author of Convict Voices: Women, Class, and Writing About Prison in Nineteenth-Century England (University of New Hampshire Press, 2014). She has also been involved in educational initiatives at Scottish Prisons, including a student placement scheme at HMP Edinburgh which won the Herald Higher Education Partnership award in 2016. Anne is beginning work on a new project on German-British relations in literature and culture from the Franco-Prussian War to the First World War. At IASH she will primarily conduct research on Stobsiade, a magazine produced by German internees at Stobs camp near Hawick in the Scottish Borders between 1915 and 1919.