Dr Andrew Phemister

Postdoctoral Fellow

1 August to 31 December 2017


Irish boycotting and the boundaries of Anglo‐American liberalism, 1880‐1920

Andrew Phemister recently completed his PhD at the University of Edinburgh. His thesis, entitled ‘Our American Aristotle: Henry George and the republican tradition during the Irish Land War, 1877-87’, examined the political and intellectual dimensions of the Irish land question in a transnational context. Interested in the relationship between social practices and political ideologies, and their refraction across national boundaries, Andrew’s research looks at the development of modern liberalism and conceptions of democracy across the Atlantic world in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

His current research looks at the impact of the practice of boycotting, as it was introduced from Ireland in the early 1880s, on the political thought of British and American liberals.