Dr Ali Emre Benli

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Ali Emre Benli

Postdoctoral Fellow September 2018 to 30 June 2019

Project: The political rights of asylum seekers and refugees in the EU

I studied philosophy at Bogazici University in Istanbul and Erasmus University in Rotterdam, and obtained my Ph.D. in Political Theory from LUISS University in Rome (2016). Since then I held research positions at the University of Rijeka, the Italian National Research Council, Durham University, and the University of Louvain. I have also been a visiting lecturer at Bogazici University in Istanbul.  

My current research interests include theories of immigration, citizenship, political agency and civil disobedience. At IASH, my project investigates the question: Which political rights must asylum seekers and refugees enjoy in the European Union? Two interrelated questions follow: What grounds are there for extending political rights to asylum seekers and refugees? Which novel institutions should be implemented for sustaining such rights? 

Please see my Academia page for a list of my publications.