Introducing our summer interns

Katie Graham and Sarah Thew

Hi, we’re the new interns at IASH and we’re looking forward to getting started on our work here. I am Katie (on the left) and I have just finished my third year of a Politics degree, and I'm Sarah (on the right) and I have just finished my second year here at the University, studying History and Politics.

As neither of us had previously completed an internship, the prospect of coming to IASH this summer was slightly daunting. However, our minds were put at ease when we found out that we’d be working together in such a welcoming and friendly environment. Alongside helping the team at IASH prepare for their 50th anniversary celebrations in 2020, we will both be taking part in the Edinburgh Award with the support of the University. This gives us the opportunity to identify and build on some of our core graduate attributes. Through this we have identified areas, both together and individually, which we see key to our personal development and believe our time at IASH over the next three months will help them grow.

We hope to hit the ground running by attending the Fulbright Lecture on Wednesday evening and many of the other high-profile events hosted by IASH, including smaller guest speaker events throughout the summer and the weekly Fellows lunch. The Fulbright Lecture is a prestigious event and a fantastic opportunity to begin working towards our goal of gaining experience in networking and maintaining meaningful relationships, as well as being an excellent start to our time here at IASH. 

Hopefully our lack of blog-writing experience is not too obvious, as we would like to develop them alongside our written communication skills during our time here at IASH. This is important as we both progress through our academic career and begin the process of writing our undergraduate dissertations in the next few years.

We are very much looking forward to the next 12 weeks here at IASH and we hope to keep you updated on all the events happening this summer and the work we plan to do, meaning that this will probably not be the last blog post you hear from us!