Interning at IASH

Hello! We’re Jana and Isabelle, and we’re both interns with the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities this summer, under the university’s Employ.ed on Campus internship scheme. We’ll be working at IASH for 12 weeks and are so excited to get started with a variety of projects! Obviously the internship looks a bit different than we expected, but we’re getting the hang of remote working and are looking forward to the new opportunities ahead, like improving our digital skills and adapting our projects to better fit this new situation.

Jana has just finished her third year studying English Literature and is taking on the role of IASH Publishing and Archiving Intern. She will primarily be working on editing and producing IASH’s 50th Anniversary Symposium papers, along with converting past occasional papers into ebooks and cataloguing IASH’s 50-year archive (if the situation allows). Jana is hoping to use this opportunity to learn more about academic publishing and ebook production, as well as to develop the necessary skills for a successful career after university. She is already really enjoying the innovativeness and interdisciplinarity of the papers submitted for the 50th Anniversary Symposium, and she is looking forward to continuing to read more of what past and present IASH Fellows have researched.

Isabelle just finished her third year studying History and English Literature, having spent a year abroad at the University of Amsterdam, and is taking on the role of Communications Intern. Her time will be split between IASH and genderED, the university’s gender and sexuality studies hub; for IASH, Isabelle will primarily be assisting with the completion of the Dangerous Women book with Unbound. She is hoping to develop her skills and knowledge in social media communications, digital content, and publishing. Isabelle is looking forward to gaining clarity about her next steps post-university and putting her personal and academic interests into practice!

We want to thank everyone at IASH and genderED for offering these internships, and to the Careers Service for their programme of support despite the uncertain circumstances. We’ve both really enjoyed our experience thus far and are eager to continue to learn and grow our skills in these roles over the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for updates on social media and the eNewsletter!