Former Fellow's Film Takes Flight

David Harrower playwright

An Olivier Award-winning play written at IASH has been adapted for the cinema. Una released on 1 September – is based on David Harrower’s critically acclaimed drama Blackbird. David wrote the play at IASH while he was an Edinburgh Festival Creative Fellow in 2004-2005.

Blackbird premiered at the Edinburgh International Festival in 2005. David has now written the screenplay for Una, which is directed by Benedict Andrews.

The confrontational drama follows a young woman (Rooney Mara) who is trying to reclaim her past. 15 years earlier, she ran away with an older man (Ben Mendelsohn) and now she has tracked him down to ask unanswered questions.


The Institute creates an inspiring, unparalleled working atmosphere. It's both a quiet haven in which to reflect and ponder and, through the interaction of other national and international Fellows, a challenging meeting-ground in which ideas are discussed, examined and tested. My year there was invigorating; IASH itself, unique.

David Harrower