Film Education Journal launch - a post by Jamie Chambers

Film is a distinct medium with a distinct history and, as such, requires a distinct pedagogy. 

The Film Education Journal is the world’s only publication committed to exploring how teachers and other educators work with film, and to involving other participants – policymakers, academics, researchers, cultural agencies and film-makers themselves – in that conversation.

One of the things that really excites me personally about the project of the journal is the possibility to encourage interdisciplinary dialogues between the many different perspectives that are internationally involved in film education. My co-editor Mark Reid, from the British Film Institute often talks about how those involved with film education ‘come from different backgrounds, with a shared interest’, and it has therefore been a priority for us when developing the Film Education Journal to shape a publication that provide a fitting arena for that multi-perspectival, interdisciplinary discourse. 

I’m also particularly excited about the possibility that the journal offers to create dialogues between film education scholars and practitioners in different parts of the world. At present, the discussions about film education that I’m a part of tend to be circumscribed by a European focus, and I’m excited to try and challenge that, and look beyond a sense of Eurocentrism to look at what is happening in film education elsewhere in the world. Already plans are afoot for a special issue with some exciting guest editors (TBC!) exploring ‘film education outside the West’. 

The Film Education Journal will be launched at a one-day, international conference - the inaugural Scottish International Film Education Conference - taking place at the University on Wednesday 20th June, from 09.30 - 17.30. The conference will feature diverse perspectives upon film education from filmmakers, teachers and scholars  joining us from Burkina Faso, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Scotland and England, and will cover the full gamut of film education from pre-school, to German ‘film bildung’ projects in care homes. Full details of the conference can be found at Please do consider joining us and adding your voice to the conversation!

The inaugural edition of the Film Education Journal will be available online from Wednesday 20th June at  and more information about the journal is available at

The Film Education Journal is a bi-annual, open-access, peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the UCL Institute of Education, in partnership with the British Film Institute, Creative Scotland, Centre for the Moving Image and Transgressive North.