Featured Fellow: Susanne Schregel

EURIAS Fellow 2015/16

Applying for a scholarship can be nerve-wracking, and applying for a EURIAS fellowship doubly so as you do not necessarily know which city or even country you might end up in if the application is accepted.  Thus, I was particularly delighted when I was invited to IASH in Edinburgh – my favourite out of the three institutes in two countries that I picked from the long list of participating institutes – as one of the first two EURIAS fellows in 2015/2016.

During my ten months at IASH, my main research focus was on advancing my project on the history of intelligence in Great Britain and Germany between the late 19th and the late 20th centuries. A research proposal that I sent off while staying in Edinburgh was later accepted, and I am now looking forward to continuing my work with three years of funding granted by the German Research Foundation. It has now been a year since I left Edinburgh. But there is a lot that reminds me of my time there, besides the sources that I gathered in diverse archives and research libraries and a certain well-loved transparent plastic bag from the National Library of Scotland. IASH also gave tremendous support in putting together two events that I remember fondly. One conference, organised with an IASH fellow from the sociology of science, discussed the history and present of “Minds and Brains in Everyday Life”, and a Royal Society of Edinburgh Susan Manning workshop on “Elevation” brought two IASH fellows from literary studies and myself nearer to all things flying and “above”. The research stay at IASH was an immensely productive and inspiring time, and I can only stress how privileged I felt to join such a lively academic community.