Exhibition at IASH: "The White Canvas"

Painting: "Family No. 8" by Shatha Altowai

Join us for "The White Canvas", award-winning Yemeni artist Shatha Altowai’s first exhibition in Scotland, from Monday 26 July to Friday 30 July 2021 at the University of Edinburgh.

In "The White Canvas", Shatha addresses issues that she has experienced and observed throughout her life in Yemen, specifically focussing on the last seven years since the eruption of the current war. She aims to highlight the lifestyles of Yemeni families living through the war, their solidarity, and how they seek to overcome the lack of basic necessities, such as food, water, electricity, fuel and security. Her work conveys the contradictory emotions of strength and fear that Yemeni families grapple with as part of their everyday experience.

Shatha recently won the John Byrne Award. The judges found Shatha’s paintings to be “incredibly powerful and moving”, praising “the stark composition and restraint of Shatha’s paintings, and her honest and heartfelt entry statement.” She was selected unanimously by the four-judge panel. The prize-winning pieces will feature in this exhibition.

"The White Canvas" will also feature Saber Bamatraf’s music. Saber is a Yemeni pianist and music composer who has participated in both solo and group musical performances and projects. He is a self-taught pianist who does not read music, but has played music by ear since childhood.

Tickets are available in limited quantities - reserve yours now at Eventbrite.

Shatha and Saber have both been awarded IIE-Artist Protection Fund (APF) Fellowships for 2020-21 and are in residence at IASH.