Documentary Filmmakers at IASH

The Perfect Fit Dancer

(Still from ‘The Perfect Fit’ – Thank you to Flore Cosquer for making this image available to us.)

With the Edinburgh International Film Festival in full swing, this is the perfect moment to introduce you to one of our newest fellows, Ling Lee. She was nominated for the fellowship by Noe Mendelle, director of the Scottish Documentary Institute. Part of a three-person team, Ling is editing a feature documentary, and we are proud to get to play a part in a film whose team combines wide-ranging experience, international perspectives and interdisciplinary skills. Allow us to introduce the three fantastic filmmakers behind the project:

Ling Lee, the film’s editor and current fellow at IASH, shares a passion for human stories with the film’s director/producer, Naziha Arebi. Ling is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) and the National Film & Television School in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, and she has also lived and worked in Germany, Italy, China and Argentina. Her work has been broadcast on Al Jazeera, BBC, Channel 4, ARTE/ZDF and VPRO, and screened at international film festivals.

Ling met the film’s producer, Flore Cosquer, through her collaboration with the Scottish Documentary Institute, an internationally recognised centre for documentary at Edinburgh College of Art. While there, Ling edited a number of documentaries:

  • Feature documentary ‘The Edge of Dreaming’ directed by Dr Amy Hardie (PhD supervisor in film and television and trans-disciplinary documentary in the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures)
  • Oscar® 2013 shortlisted (‘Documentary Short Subject’) film ‘The Perfect Fit’, part of the Scottish Documentary Institute’s initiative Bridging the Gap (more on this below)
  • ‘Poets of Protest’ 3 mid-length documentaries, produced by Scottish Documentary Institute (SDI Productions) for Al Jazeera

The film’s producer/director, filmmaker and photographer Naziha Arebi, is a graduate of Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. She, too, has travelled far, returning to her father’s homeland of Libya in 2011 after the revolution. While there, she worked as a director, producer and cinematographer on a number of fascinating projects. Her photographic work has been exhibited internationally. You can read more about Naziha’s work here.

Flore Cosquer is the film’s producer. She has worked with Ling before, when she first graduated from ECA, and they are now reconnecting and collaborating on what will be Flore’s debut feature as a producer. Since moving to the UK in 2010, Flore has been working at the Scottish Documentary Institute, where she is responsible for Production & Training (Bridging the Gap, The Edinburgh Pitch, This is Scotland). Through the Institute’s Creative Documentary Workshops in collaboration with the British Council, Flore has had a chance to work in Libya, Palestine and Morocco, executive producing 14 short documentaries directed by local participants. Flore is also the production manager for the Scottish Documentary Institute’s production company SDI Productions Ltd, where she has worked on a number of feature and mid-length documentaries.

All three filmmakers are combining their skills and interests to work on an exciting forthcoming feature creative documentary.

How can you get involved?

Scottish Documentary Institute: Bridging the Gap films are premiering this afternoon at 3:35pm. The theme: ‘Women’

Bridging the Gap is one of the UK’s leading new talent initiatives in documentaries, offering intensive training, a cash budget and chances of international distribution for short documentary films made by up-and-coming Scottish talents.

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