Professor Tamás Demeter: "Two Edinburgh Programmes for Socializing Knowledge"

Event date: 
Wednesday 22 September
Professor Tamás Demeter

An IASH Work-in-Progress seminar, delivered by Professor Tamás Demeter (Visiting Research Fellowship 2021; Corvinus University of Budapest):

Two Edinburgh Programmes for Socializing Knowledge

In this presentation I attempt to substantiate David Bloor’s characterization of David Hume as a ‘famous Edinburgh historian and sociologist’. I will offer two approaches. First, drawing on Miranda Fricker’s distinction between ‘abstracted’ and ‘situated social conception’ of epistemic subjects, I argue that from Hume’s abstracted conception one can excavate a set of methodological commitments that constitute the core of the ‘strong programme’ in the sociology of scientific knowledge. Secondly, I show the congruences and continuities between Hume’s social genealogy and Bloor’s sociology of mathematical knowledge. In conclusion I will suggest that while the Humean sympathy of the strong programme is clear, its Humean roots run deeper than it has been acknowledged.

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This talk will be delivered in IASH, so a very small number of seats will be available in the Seminar Room for Fellows only, on a first-come, first-served basis.