Erden Göktepe: 'The representation of the "New man" in the New Cinema of Turkey

Event date: 
Wednesday 14 February
G.06 in 50 George Square

Wednesday 14th February at 17.30 in room G.06 in 50 George Square 

[LLC WiP seminar.]

Erden Göktepe: 'The representation of the "New man" in the New Cinema of Turkey

Turkish director, Nuri Bilge Ceylan has a distinct cinematic language reaching into the depths of what is regarded as ordinary human life. Through an entwisted, multi-layered narrative structure, his films tell stories of the complex human conditions.
Analyses of gender relations in Ceylan's films typically fall within the scope of belonging, identity, and trauma. Although brief references have been made to post-colonialism and masculinities, they have not been studied in any length. 
This presentation focuses on one of Ceylan's films, Winter Sleep (2014). It will examine the post-colonial narrative based on the male protagonist's personal history.
The presentation will propose a new approach to Ceylan's work. It will demonstrate how the interrelated relationship between 'masculinity', 'boundaries' and 'in-betweenness' helps reinforce the established "unhomely" context where modern power and police reside. The self becomes a political discursive subject and home becomes the arena of politics, as presented in the film.

Erden is a second-year Ph.D. candidate focusing on post-colonial masculinities represented in mainstream films made between 2002-2011, depicting 1980 Coup years. He studied International Relations in Turkey and France and worked in various universities and international organizations, such as EHESS, METU and the UN, in the last ten years.