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Names and addresses of two referees. Candidates must ask that their referees write IN CONFIDENCE directly to the Institute: The Institute will not itself communicate with referees.
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Supporting documents
Please upload your CV and Research Proposal as separate documents in .doc, .docx or .pdf format. Please use an easy to read font, such as Arial or Times in 11pt or 12pt. Your files should be named 'LASTNAME,Firstname-CV' and 'LASTNAME,Firstname-Research Proposal' respectively. Research Proposals that exceed the specified word limit (details below) will not be considered. Adiitional supporting documents (articles, etc) may be emailed to

Notes on funding:

IASH-SSPS Visiting Research Fellowship Applicants: If you would like to be considered for travel and funding support, please include a concise budget in your Research Proposal document.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Applicants: You will automatically be considered for a Postdoctoral Bursary, Susan Manning Postdoctoral Fellowship, or a CHCI-SSHRC small grant during the selection process.

Hume Fellowship Applicants: This is a funded Fellowship--the successful applicant will be offered funding.

Environmental Humanities Visiting Research Fellowship Applicants: All VRF applications with research interests relevant to to the environmental humanities will be considered for this small grant.

Visiting Research Fellowship Applicants: Please be aware these Fellowships are unfunded.

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