• Thomas Ahnert, The British Academy (affiliated with LSE)
  • Chiara Alfano, University of Sussex
  • Tom Allbeson, University of Durham
  • Jumana Bayeh, Macquarie University
  • Linden Bicket, University of Glasgow
  • Antoine Bilodeau, Concordia University
  • Linzy Brady, University of Sydney
  • Amy Chandler, University of Edinburgh
  • Louise Chappell, University of New South Wales
  • Nathan Coombs, Royal Holloway, University of London
  • Colonel Stephen Craig, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
  • Beth Crisp, Deakin University
  • Holly Crocker, University of South Carolina
  • Thomas P. Crocker, University of South Carolina
  • Alison Crockford, University of Edinburgh
  • Clara Dawson, University of Durham
  • Alexander Dick, University of British Columbia
  • Jeremy Dunham, University of Edinburgh
  • Timothy Engström, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • David Farrier, University of Edinburgh
  • Cate Fosl, University of Louisville
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  • Sambaiah Gundimeda, Council for Social Development, Hyperabad
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  • Sören Hammerschmidt, Ghent University
  • Ilya Kalinin, Saint-Petersburg State University
  • Oisín Keohane, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Alexandra Lawrie, University of Edinburgh
  • Edna Longley, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Michael Longley CBE, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Liz MacKinlay, University of Queensland
  • Iain Finlay MacLeod, playwright
  • Catriona McAra, University of Glasgow
  • Leemon McHenry, California State University, Northridge
  • Claire McKechnie, University of Edinburgh
  • Ruth Minott Egglestone, private scholar, Scotland
  • Benjamin Morgan, University of Chicago
  • Michael Morris, University of Glasgow
  • Catriona Murray, University of Edinburgh
  • Carolina Orloff, University of Edinburgh
  • Alexandra Parvan, University of Pitesti
  • Jonathan Prior, University of Edinburgh
  • David Pritchard, University of Queensland
  • David Purdie, University of Edinburgh
  • Marisa Roemer, Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Sarah Roger, University of Oxford
  • Joanna Rostek, University of Passau
  • Álvaro Sánchez-Ostiz, University of Navarra
  • Kim Sasser, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Gregory Scott, Columbia University
  • Louise Settle, University of Edinburgh
  • Iva Smídová, Masaryk University, Brno
  • Spyridon Tegos, University of Crete
  • Dejan Stjepanović, University of Edinburgh
  • Samantha Walton, University of Edinburgh
  • Andrew Warren, Harvard University
  • Nick Witham, Canterbury Christ Church University
  • Chen Wei Zhu, London School of Economics and Political Science
Gregory Scott


  • Professor Susan Manning dies. Tributes are received from around the world. A new Postdoctoral Fellowship is endowed in her memory.
  • IASH announces the establishment of the Daiches-Manning Memorial Fellowship in Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies.
  • Professor Jolyon Mitchell is appointed Acting Director.
  • Former Fellow Marianne Boruch is announced as winner of the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award for her collection The Book of Hours.
  • Professor Peter Fosl, Chair of Philosophy at Transylvania University, Kentucky gives a public lecture on Hume and the Promise of Philosophy.
  • 2005/06 EIF Fellow Stuart MacRae receives the 2013 South Bank Sky Arts award for his opera Ghost Patrol.
  • IASH supports the establishment of the Edinburgh Environmental Humanities Network.
  • Dr Simon James presents a lecture on Respect, humility and the ethics of mountaineering as part of the Humans, Animals, Environment series of talks.
  • IASH organises a colloquium on Manners and Styles Cultivating Sympathy in the Enlightenment.
  • IASH co-hosts the second one-day colloquium with Scottish PEN to mark International Women’s Day, titled We live in Gothic times: Scottish Women’s Gothic and Fantastic Writing. The speakers are Elspeth Barker, Margaret Elphinstone, Sian Hayton, Monica Germana, Alison Fell and Alice Thompson.
  • A number of collaborative events are held including a Scottish Health Humanities masterclass for early career scholars and practitioners; a Disciplinary Ecologies Workshop; and a workshop entitled Have we always been hybrids? Interdisciplinary perspectives on Human-Animal exchange?
  • The Institute co-sponsors a performance of Mr Darwin’s Tree by Murray Watts alongside the Centre for Theology and Public Issues.
  • Dr Linda Andersson Burnett organises a symposium on Nature’s Enlightenment: Environment, Empire, and Natural History in Eighteenth Century Scotland with sessions at IASH and the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh.

Linda Andersson Burnett: ” Having finished my thesis, I was delighted to find out that I had secured a fellowship at the Institute. It is a fantastic place to be. It is, like Susan’s publications, truly interdisciplinary and transnational and it connects peoples and ideas from across the globe. IASH provides established scholars a breathing space where they can write and think in peace while at the same time meeting and receiving inspiration from other scholars. For junior scholars like me, it gives us an opportunity to discuss our ideas with more experienced peers and time to write and get our first publications out. Susan, together with Anthea and Donald, gave IASH a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It is a place where there is no strict boundary between socialising and stretching your mind. Some of the best discussions I have had at IASH, have been held during our weekly Tuesday lunches. Susan left a wonderful legacy at IASH and Susan’s work will be honoured in a number of ways by the University of Edinburgh.”

Timothy Engström: “IASH is one of the best things Edinburgh University sponsors. Its mission is essential to academia itself, to the wider community which the university ultimately serves, and to the stature of a major international university such as Edinburgh. I have been exceedingly glad to return to Edinburgh; I could not have come to a better place than the Institute.”


Dr Holly Crocker, “Virtue Trouble: Cressid’s Reformation from Chaucer to Shakespeare”; “Virtues that Matter: Ethics and Embodiment in Hamlet

Dr Benjamin Morgan, “Aesthetic Experience and the Embodied Mind in Victorian Science and Literature”

Dr Álvaro Sanchez-Ostiz, “Ammianus on Eastern Lawyers (Amm.30.4.1-22): Autobiographical Comments, Literary Allusions and Authorial Voice”

Dr Kim Sasser, “Magical Realism and/as Cosmodern Form”

Dr Spyridon Tegos, “Work in Progress Talk”

Susan Manning
Pauline Phemister, Alex Parvan & Anthea Taylor
Leemon McHenry and Donald Ferguson, 2013
Bodies in Movement seminar, 21 January 2013
CMRS Renaissance Discussion Group
Professor Onora O'Neill's Gifford Lecture 2013, in memory of Susan Manning
Professor Onora O'Neill's Gifford Lecture 2013, in memory of Susan Manning
Symposium: "Nature's Enlightenment", 22 April 2013
Guest lecture by John Calder: "The Garden of Eros", 10 October 2013
International Women's Day colloquium, 8 March 2013