• Lorena Anton, University of Bucharest
  • Desmond Bell, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Helen Birkett, University of York
  • Marco Bernini, University of Parma
  • Rosalind Carr, University of Glasgow
  • Lorraine Code, York University
  • Fabienne Collignon, University of Glasgow
  • Russell Daylight, Independent Scholar, Australia
  • Sharon Deane-Cox, University of Edinburgh
  • Maksymilian Del Mar, University of Lausanne
  • Jonathan Delafield-Butt, University of Copenhagen
  • Don Garrett, University of Utah
  • Axel Gelfert, National University of Singapore
  • Pamela Gilbert, University of Florida
  • Michael Graham, University of Akron
  • Margaret Graves, University of Edinburgh
  • Rachel Joy Harkness, University of Aberdeen
  • Willem Lemmens, University of Antwerp
  • Deidre Lynch, University of Toronto
  • Tomasz Łysak, University of Warsaw
  • Simon MacDonald, British School at Rome
  • David Manning, University of Leicester
  • Piyush Mathur, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla
  • Jeffrey McCarthy, Westminster College
  • Claire McKechnie, University of Edinburgh
  • Stuart McWilliams, Queen’s University, Belfast
  • David Miller, University of Stirling
  • Heather Moquin, University of Glasgow
  • Alexandra Parvan, University of Pitesti
  • John Psarouthakis, Industrial Technology Institute, Ann Arbor
  • Mark Robson, University of Nottingham
  • Daniel Schulthess, University of Neuchâtel
  • Kioyshi Shimokawa, Gakushuin University, Tokyo
  • Jeff Strabone, Connecticut College
  • Hui Wang, Tsinghua University, Beijing
  • Thomas Wright, University of Cambridge
  • Esther Wohlgemut, University of Prince Edward Island
  • Koji Yamamoto, University of York
  • Marianne Zwicker, University of Edinburgh


  • The Sawyer Seminar series on Embodied Values: Bringing the Senses Back to the Environment, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, is brought to a conclusion with a three-day conference in December, organised by Dr Rachel Harkness.
  • Sawyer Seminar inspired workshops include Scenting/Smell; Seeing/Vision; Touching/Vision; and Senses in Motion.
  • The Institute participates in celebrations of the David Hume Tercentenary. Celebrations include large public events such as the Hume Birthday Party; Professor Peter Millican’s lecture at the Royal Society of Edinburgh; and the Gifford Lecture by Lord Sutherland of Houndwood. The Institute publishes Dialogues with Hume as a set of five IASH Occasional Papers. IASH also co-hosts the week-long International Hume Society conference in July, with a plenary lecture by Amartya Sen and the Carnegie Centenary Lecture delivered by Professor Don Garrett.
  • IASH joins with the Scottish Centre for Diaspora Studies to hold a symposium on Scottish Philosophy in Transnational Contexts.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow Dr Aine Kelly organises a symposium on The Acknowledgment of the Aesthetic with support from the British Society of Aesthetics.
  • Workshops begin as part of the Atmospheres and Atmospherics research theme and include Air/Flow.
  • IASH organises events as part of the Scotland’s Transatlantic Relations (STAR) project including Caribbean Research seminars and literature workshops.
  • The first joint event with the British Council, UNESCO Scotland Committee, Museums Galleries Scotland, Royal Society of Arts in Scotland, and the Royal Society of Edinburgh takes place at the Edinburgh Festival of Politics, with a debate titled Whose heritage, whose society?
  • As part of the Academic and Civic research theme, and to coincide with the visit of Professor Dr John Psarouthakis, IASH hosts a symposium on The Business of Education.
  • IASH, alongside the Italian Visiting Fellowship in the Humanities, organises a lecture with Professor David Forgacs entitled Looking at the Margins: social observation and exclusion in Italy.
  • As part of the Theory and Practice and the Environment programme, a lecture is given by Professor David Wood entitled Is it time for art? Professor Wood also provides an installation in Hope Park Square as part of his project on IntraTerrestials.


Dr Claire McKechnie, “The Unspeakability of Cancer in Victorian Culture”

Dr John Psarouthakis, “Education and Technology”

Celebrating 300 Years of David Hume
Panel for Celebrating 300 Years of David Hume
Celebrating 300 Years of David Hume
Wim Lemmens and Fellows in the Seminar Room
Burns Lunch in 2011
Hume Conference delegates, 2011
Symposium: "The Acknowledgement of the Aesthetic", 20 June 2011
Workshop: "Ancients and Moderns", 22 June 2011
Workshop: "Atlantic Moderation", 4 March 2011
Seminar: "Caribbean Research Seminar in the North", 6 September 2011
Seminar: "Changing Relationships: The City and The University", 2 June 2011
Humans, Animals, Environment lecture series, 2011
Guest lecture by David Wood: "Is It Time for Art?", 29 September 2011
Public lecture by Robert McCluer Calhoon: "Provincial Moderation in Scotland and America", 3 March 2011
ESRC workshop: "Rhetorics of Moderation", 3 March 2011
Symposium: "Scottish Philosophy in Transnational Contexts", 29 April 2011
Lunchtime talk by Pat Fisher: "Taste and Tastemakers", 24 October 2011
Symposium: "The Business of Education", 20 October 2011
Anthea Taylor & James Harris
Anthea Taylor & Marianne Zwicker
Brad Bow, Nicole Hall-Elfick, Helen Birkett
David Hume Conference Banquet, Playfair Library
Kiyoshi Shimokawa & Jim Moore
Marianne Zwicker, Anthea Taylor, Celin Badia Cabrera