• Per Ahlander, University of Edinburgh
  • Georgia Axiotou, University of Edinburgh
  • Desmond Bell, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Katrin Berndt, Bremen University
  • Fiona Black, Dalhousie University
  • Nadine Boljkovac, University of Aberdeen
  • Bruce Buchan, Griffith University
  • Tanja Bukovčan, University of Zagreb
  • Lorna Burns, University of Glasgow
  • Susmita Chatterjee, Centre for Historical Studies, New Delhi
  • Jo Clifford, playwright
  • Timothy Collins, University College, Falmouth
  • Sarah Day-O’Connell, Knox College
  • Emma Dummett, University of Edinburgh
  • Rex Ferguson, University of Glasgow
  • Réka Forrai, Central European University
  • Margret Frenz, University of Leicester
  • Martin Forsey, University of Western Australia
  • Iain Galbraith, private scholar, Wiesbaden
  • Gábor Gángó, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Alexandre Guilherme, University of Durham
  • Lívia Guimarães, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
  • Guy Halsall, University of York
  • Rachel Joy Harkness, University of Aberdeen
  • John Harries, University of Edinburgh
  • Philippa Hubbard, University of Warwick
  • Ming Lim, University of Leicester
  • Aine Mahon, Edinburgh
  • Linda McLean, playwright
  • Conrado Hübner Mendes, Getulio Vargas Foundation Law School, Sao Paulo
  • Peter Millican, Hertford College Oxford
  • Martyn Pickersgill, University of Edinburgh
  • Natalie Pollard, University of York
  • Reena Sastri, Oxford University
  • Silvia Sebastiani, Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane, Florence
  • Karin Sellberg, University of Edinburgh
  • Stephen Shapiro, University of Warwick
  • Modugu Sridhar, University of Hyderabad
  • Gabriela Świtek, University of Warsaw
  • Nwola Uduku, Edinburgh College of Art
  • Héliane Ventura, Université d’Orléans
  • Wendy Wheeler, London Metropolitan University
  • Charles Withers, College of St Paul & St Mary, Cheltenham
  • Wendy Wright, University of Adelaide
  • Kathrin Yacavone, University of Edinburgh


  • Jo Clifford’s play Every One premieres at the Traverse Theatre.
  • Sawyer Seminar inspired workshops include Hearing/Sound and Savouring/Taste. The first workshop involves public lecture by Professor Paul Carter and a concert by jazz clarinettist David Rothenberg, performing original music based on the sounds of birds, whales, water and wind.
  • As part of the ESRC-funded Rhetorics of Moderation: Politics and Pragmatics seminar series, IASH hosts a workshop on Voices of Moderatism in the Atlantic World, 1600-2010.
  • Fellows from IASH speak at a workshop entitled Epistemic Practices: Knowing through Testimony as part of the Theory in Practice research theme.
  • IASH fellows take part in a discussion on Global Humanities and Public Policy which results in an email network for continued dialogue.
  • Alongside the Edinburgh College of Art and speakers from Berlin, IASH hosts a workshop on Theorising Creativity.
  • IASH hosts an interdisciplinary gathering of researchers for Landscape-Mindscape: History, Geography and Literature.
  • IASH supports the Late Medieval Bible Conference alongside the Centre for the History of the Book, and the British Academy.
  • IASH supports a workshop entitled Ancients and Moderns in the Scottish Enlightenment, and alongside the Scottish Centre for Diaspora Studies, a workshop on Nature’s Commerce: Environment and Science in the Scottish Enlightenment.

Charles Withers: “The Institute has, deservedly, the highest international reputation as a centre for humanities research. It has that reputation because it offers a haven for scholarly endeavour, for sustained engagement with one’s research free from the distractions of teaching (and more distracting still, one’s colleagues and administration).”

Jo Clifford: “IASH is a precious island of intelligent, creative, and free discourse. It’s an intellectual community in the very best sense of the word: an amazing and astonishing space to write a play in.”


Dr Per Ahlander, “Georgina Colmache & Pauline Vaneri Filippi – mother and daughter: Two nineteenth century European lives of literature and music in the shadow of revolutions”

Dr Fiona Black, “Scottish Writers and Canadian Indian Policy, 1800-1940”

Dr Tanja Bukovčan, “Advocacy and Activism in Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research”

Dr Réka Forrai, “The ‘Medieval Trend’ among Humanist Translators”

Dr Martin Forsey, “There’s No Escaping Agency: The Practice of Social Life and its Representations in Social Theory”

Review from The Guardian of Jo Clifford's play 'Every One' in 2010
Snow on the Meadows, 2010
"Animals" seminar series, February-March 2010
Conference: "Chinese Women Writers in Diaspora", 11-13 March 2010
Fulbright Commission leaflet
Report on Global Humanities meeting, 26 November 2010
Workshop: "Nature's Commerce", 26 May 2010
Workshop: "Nature's Commerce", 26 May 2010
ESRC workshop: "Rhetorics of Moderation", 3-4 March 2011