• Fredrik Albritton-Jonsson, Colorado State University, Fort Collins
  • Natalija Arlauskaite, Vilnius University
  • Desmond Bell, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Stella Bolaki, University of Edinburgh
  • Mateusz Borowski, Jagiellonian University
  • James Clapperton, University of Edinburgh
  • Sarah Cockram, University of Edinburgh
  • Viccy Coltman, University of Edinburgh
  • Orietta Cordovana, Università degli Studi ‘La Sapienza’
  • Anne Cranny-Francis, Macquarie University
  • John Docker, Humanities Research Centre, Australian National University
  • Charlie Ellis, University of Sheffield
  • Christian Estrade, Stendhal University
  • David Evans, University of St Andrews
  • Maria Filippakopoulou, private scholar, Scotland
  • Lívia Guimarães, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
  • John Haldane, University of St Andrews
  • Alessandro Iannucci, University of Bologna
  • Anthony S. Jarrells, University of South Carolina
  • Nelya Koteyko, University of Nottingham
  • Rajesh Kumar, PPN College, Kanpur
  • Judit Majorossy, Eötvös Loránd University
  • Wojciech Małecki, University of Wrocław
  • Jerica Marušic, University of Edinburgh
  • Rona Munro, writer
  • Alexander Nehamas, Princeton University
  • Keng Sen Ong, TheatreWorks, Singapore
  • Ruth Perry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Tibor Pintér, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
  • Susanne Schech, Flinders University
  • Alexander Smith, Keele University
  • Patrícia Soley-Beltran, University of Aberdeen
  • Hannah Spahn, Freie Universität Berlin
  • Jan Swearingen, Texas A&M University
  • Endre Szecsenyi, University of Pécs
  • Tom Toremans, Catholic University, Brussels
  • Mandy Treagus, University of Adelaide
  • Michael T.R.B. Turnbull, private scholar, Scotland
  • Kristof Vanhoutte, Pontificia Università Antonianum, Rome
  • C. Ovidiu Verdes, University of Bucharest
  • David Wall, University of the West of England
  • Genevieve Warwick, University of Glasgow
  • Eric White, Anglia Ruskin University


  • The Institute hosts the final workshop on Environmental Aesthetics and Ethics as part of the Embodied Values and the Environment research project funded by the British Academy.
  • The first Conversations in Humanities, Arts and Technologies (CHAT) session is organised by Professor Andy Clark as part of the Institute’s research theme The Humanities in the 21st Century. Guest speaker Professor Catherine Wilson leads a discussion at the Filmhouse on What does Biology have to do with Morality?
  • Dr Nick Higgins organises a meeting on Practice-Based Research, building on a Speculative Lunch in 2007.
  • IASH and STAR host a one-day conference on Transatlantic Ideas of the American Founding, with keynotes from Professor Gerald Stourzh and Professor David Armitage.
  • Dr Anthony Jarrells organises a roundtable on Scott, Scotland, and Romantic Studies and later in the year, IASH hosts The Crisis in the Humanities, organised by Dr Kristof Vanhoutte.
  • In October, IASH organises a lecture by Australian writer David Malouf, in association with the Scottish Arts Council and colleagues in English Literature.
  • At the end of the year, IASH hosts a conference marking the centenary of the birth of American poet George Oppen.

Anne Cranny-Francis, “IASH for me in 2008 was a welcoming space, an interlude away from the politics of my own University, a place to be a scholar… This interdisciplinary group is typical of the rich intellectual mix of researchers in residence at IASH, which makes the fellowships so inspiring and fruitful… At a time of intellectual specialisation that seems to contradict the calls for transdisciplinarity, IASH is a special place.”


Dr Mateusz Borowski, “Stories to share: Storytelling as a means of redefining stage-audience relationship in contemporary Scottish playwriting”

Dr James Clapperton, “Remembering the Siege of Leningrad: Conversations with Survivors”

Dr John Docker, “The Scandal of Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe in Nineteenth-Century British Culture”

Dr Jerica Marušic, “What Good is Poetry? The Views of Plato and Aristotle”

Ms Rona Munro, “Making Drama Out of History”

John Robertson, Roger Emerson, Andrew Hook, James Moore, Susan Manning, Sandy Stewart and unknown
Anne Cranny-Francis, 2008
Guest lecture by Alfred I. Tauber: "Reason and its Discontents", 6 October 2011
Workshop: "Everything in Moderation", 27 June 2008
Workshop: "Embodied Values and the Environment in Practice", 19-20 June 2008
Workshop: "Environmental Aesthetics and Ethics", 10-11 January 2008
Workshop: "Everything in Moderation", 27 June 2008
Conference: "George Oppen: A Centenary", 15-16 November 2008
Conference: "George Oppen: A Centenary", 15-16 November 2008
Conference: "George Oppen: A Centenary", 15-16 November 2008
Public lecture by David Malouf: "In A New Light", 8 October 2008
Newspaper article about David Purdie's research into Jean Armour
Article in The Scotsman about David Purdie's purchase of the original manuscript of 'Auld Lang Syne', 2009
Roundtable: "Scott, Scotland and Romantic Studies", 23 April 2008
Workshop: "Stevenson Textual Workshop", 11 July 2008
Symposium: "Transatlantic Ideas of the American Founding", 27 March 2008
Symposium: "Transatlantic Ideas of the American Founding", 27 March 2008
Symposium: "Transatlantic Ideas of the American Founding", 27 March 2008
Symposium: "Transatlantic Ideas of the American Founding", 27 March 2008