• Dorothy Alexander, University of Glasgow
  • Jane Anderson, International Centre for Advanced Studies, New York University
  • Clemena Antonova-Crombois, American University of Bulgaria
  • Miguel Badía-Cabrera , Universidad de Puerto Rico
  • Timothy Baker, University of Edinburgh
  • Alexander Buczynski, University of Zagreb
  • William Christie, University of Sydney
  • Simon Conway Morris, University of Cambridge
  • Beth Cross, University of Edinburgh
  • David Finkelstein, Queen Margaret University
  • Abbie Garrington, University of Edinburgh
  • Julie Hirst, Open University
  • Sally Hobson, Edinburgh International Festival
  • Claudia Hopkins, University of Elizabeth
  • Christopher Ivic, SUNY Potsdam
  • Peter Loptson, University of Guelph
  • Tilar Mazzeo, Colby College
  • Kai Merten, Universität Erfurt
  • Suzanne Owen, University of Edinburgh
  • James Phillips, University of New South Wales
  • Roxanna Preda, University of Edinburgh
  • Endre Sashalmi, Janus Pannonius University, Pécs
  • Robert Savage, Boston College
  • Silvia Sebastiani, Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane, Florence
  • Gerold Sedlmayr, University of Passau
  • Nóea Séllei, University of Debrecen
  • Alexandra Shepard, University of Cambridge
  • Ching-Chen Shih, Research Development and Evaluation Commission, Taiwan
  • Iva Smídová, Masaryk University, Brno
  • Katherine Terrell, Hamilton College
  • Tom Toremans, Catholic University, Brussels
  • Evelyn Tribble, University of Otago
  • Aishih Wehbe-Herrera, University of La Laguna
  • Daniel Woolf, University of Alberta


  • IASH organises a conference on Belonging in the New Europe: A Scottish Perspective. The opening session offers a talk by Allan Little on Blood and Belonging: from Bosnia to the Baltics, sponsored by the RSA in Scotland Committee.
  • The Institute hosts the inaugural meeting of the Edinburgh Renaissance/Early Modern Research Group organised by Dr Jill Burke on the theme of Early Modern Studies in Edinburgh.
  • Following a Speculative Lunch on Memory in September, Dr Hannah Holtschneider, Dr Mary Cosgrove, Dr Peter Davies and Dr Kamran Rastegar arrange a workshop on Trauma – Representation – Memory with a view to forming a research cluster on the theme.
  • IASH hosts Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama Collections in Edinburgh with the National Library of Scotland.
  • Sally Hobson delivers a public lecture at The Hub in November, examining the research she has conducted during her Creative Fellowship on the philosophy and approach behind the Edinburgh International Festival’s outreach and educational work.
  • Dr Timothy Baker and Dr Tom Toremans organise a roundtable on Idealism and Theology in Nineteenth-Century Scottish Literature.
  • IASH hosts an afternoon workshop on Biography, National Narratives and History with Professor Liz Stanley.
  • Dr Silvia Sebastian leads a workshop on The Enlightenment on America: a confrontation of the Histories of Robertson and Clavigero.
  • The Institute hosts the first in a series of workshops related to the Embodied Values and the Environment research project, funded by the British Academy.
  • IASH hosts the opening reception for participants in the Sixth International Conference of the International Association for Word and Music Studies.
  • Dr John Calder presents a seminar on From Shakespeare to Beckett: pre-Enlightenment to post-Enlightenment.
  • The Institute hosts the Tanner Lectures on Human Values, first delivered at Princeton in 2005-06, by Professor Emma Rothschild, entitled The Inner Life of Empires.
  • Professor Tony La Vopa organises a two-day conference on Philosophy in the Enlightenment: Disciplinary Exchanges.
  • IASH hosts a symposium on Environmental and Human Values with Professor Tim Ingold.
  • Professor Randy Gordon presents a seminar on Law and Humanities.


Dr Dorothy Alexander, “In the shade of the Eildon Tree: experiments in the oral tradition of the Scottish Borders”

Professor Miguel Badía-Cabrera, “A Clue to Hume’s Ethical Objectivism in Of the Standard of Taste: The Logical Sharpness of Sancho Panza’s Oenological Taste”

Dr Abbie Garrington, “Becoming Dorothy Richardson: Pilgrimage and the Constitution of the Self”

Dr Julie Hirst, “‘If my pen’s liquor is to be from Eternity, it cannot be written dry’; Spirituality in the Seventeenth-Century Diaries of Anne Bathurst”

Professor Doctor Gerold Sedlmayr, “Air Looms and Tea Parties: The Domestication of Madness Around 1800”

Christmas Lunch 2007
Invitation to Susan Manning to attend the Chancellor's Reception at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, 9 August 2007
Anthea Taylor and Celin Badia-Cabrera, 2007
Anthea Taylor and Celin Badia-Cabrera, 2007
Letter to Anthea Taylor, 2007
Workshop: "Biography, National Narratives and History", 13 December 2007
Enlightenment Workshops, autumn 2007
"Institutions and Oppositions of Enlightenment" workshop series, spring 2007
Symposium: "Idealism and Theology in Nineteenth-Century Scottish Literature", 12 December 2007
Symposium: "Philosophy in the Enlightenment", 23-24 April 2007
Symposium: "Philosophy in the Enlightenment", 23-24 April 2007
Dinner invitation for the Tanner Lectures on Human Values by Emma Rothschild: "The Inner Life of Empires", 5 March 2007
Tanner Lectures on Human Values by Emma Rothschild: "The Inner Life of Empires", 5-6 March 2007
Word and Music Studies Sixth International Conference, 15-18 August 2007
Word and Music Studies Sixth International Conference, 15-18 August 2007
Word and Music Studies Sixth International Conference, 15-18 August 2007