• Adelina Angusheva, University of Sofia
  • Lance Banning, University of Kentucky
  • Sudhir Chandra, Centre for Social Studies, Surat
  • Claire Mary Colebrook, University of Edinburgh
  • Edgar W. Conrad, University of Queensland
  • Alexander Coram, The University of Western Australia
  • Edward T. Corp, Institut Charles V, Université de Paris VII
  • Julian M. D’Arcy, University of Iceland
  • Tibor Dessewffy, Institute of Sociology, Budapest
  • Elizabeth Doherty, University College Cork
  • Martin Elbel, Palacky University
  • Marco Fazzini, University of Macerata
  • Manuel Garcia-Carpintero, University of Barcelona
  • Li-Ping Geng, University of Toronto
  • Eleanor Godway, Central Connecticut State University
  • Pawel Hanczewski, Nicolas Copernicus University Torun
  • Aaron Kelly, University of Edinburgh
  • Miriam Lang, Monash University
  • Joe Lockard, University of California at Davis
  • John Morrow, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Lady Onora O’Neill, University of Essex
  • Pamela Perkins, University of Manitoba
  • Jan Pilditch, Waikato University
  • Priscilla Roberts, University of Hong Kong
  • Peter Rózsa, Lajos Kossuth University
  • William Shaffer, Purdue University
  • Jirí Šubrt, Palacky University, Olomouc
  • Malgorzata Sugiera, Jagiellonian University, Krakow
  • Endre Szecsenyi, University of Pécs
  • Alexander Thomson, University of Edinburgh
  • Yiannos Tolias, University of Edinburgh
  • Tamás Ullmann, Pazman Catholic University, Budapest
  • Paul Wood, University of Victoria


  • Professor John Frow collaborates with Director of the Edinburgh International Festival Sir Brian McMaster to offer a £10,000 commission each year for a Creative Fellow. The first Fellow takes up residence in 2002.
  • IASH hosts the Visual Arts Research Institute Edinburgh Strategy Meeting.
  • IASH presents the Edinburgh Research and Innovation Seminar.
  • IASH hosts the Edinburgh/Munich History Seminar and a one-day seminar on Lord Lothian.

Jan Pilditch: “One frequently meets with past Fellows, all of whom have good memories of time spent at the Institute and whose scholarship and research have been advanced by the association… The Institute’s very presence asserts the significance of literature and history during a period when, increasingly, governing bodies are concerned only with economics.”

David Stafford: “I have benefited enormously from the Institute’s hospitality and without it, could never have accomplished what I have; nowhere else within the University of Edinburgh offers the independent scholar – too often ignored by universities everywhere – such help.”


Dr Edward T. Corp, “The Stuart Court in Exile after 1689”

Professor Manuel Garcia-Carpintero, “Issues in the Theory of Reference”

Professor Eleanor Godway, “John MacMurray, a Continental Philosopher?”

Colloquium: "Lord Lothian's Moment", 23 May 2001
Colloquium: "Lord Lothian's Moment", 23 May 2001
Colloquium: "Lord Lothian's Moment", 23 May 2001
Colloquium: "Lord Lothian's Moment", 23 May 2001