• Guido Abbattista, Università per Stranieri di Perugia
  • Leopoldo E. Acuña, University of La Plata
  • Jonathan Allison, University of Kentucky
  • Ivan Antonovich, Deputy Foreign Minister, Minsk
  • Stephen Brown, Trent University
  • G.A. Cohen, All Souls College Oxford
  • Horst Dreitzel, Bielefeld University
  • Lord Archie Elliot, private scholar, Edinburgh
  • Ferenc Huoranszki, Eötvös Lorand University
  • Saulius Kaubrys, Vilnius University
  • Sir Ludovic Kennedy, writer and broadcaster
  • Tibor Laczkó, Kossuth Lajos University
  • Maria Magoska, Institute of Legal Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Alistair Mason, University of Leeds
  • Balazs M. Mezei, Eötvös Lorand University
  • David Mullan, University College of Cape Breton
  • Hubert Petersmann, University of Heidelberg
  • Jan Pilditch, Waikato University
  • Jayaram Poduval, M.S. University Baroda
  • Alan Riach, University of Waikato
  • Péter Rózsa, Lajos Kossuth University
  • Paul Russell, University of British Columbia
  • Endre Sashalmi, Janus Pannonius University, Pécs
  • Judith Slagle, Middle Tennessee State University
  • The Reverend Rowan Strong, Murdoch University
  • Geoffrey Sweet, University of Southhampton
  • Udo Thiel, Australian National University
  • Garry Trompf, The University of Sydney
  • Robert Veatch, Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University
  • David B. Wilson, Iowa State University


  • HRH Prince Philip, Chancellor of the University, visits IASH for a study seminar on the Royal Navy. The Principal and Lord Clyde also attend.
  • Speakers for Scots at War include Eric Lomax and Terry Copp.
  • Joint activities include a seminar as part of the Costing Values series with the University of Paisley and the University of Surrey, and a seminar in association with the Charlemagne Institute and the University of Bath to coincide with the Inter-Governmental Conference in April.
  • The Saltire Society reprints A Hotbed of Genius, which sold out within six weeks of publication back in 1986, under a revised title: The Scottish Enlightenment 1730-1790.

Garry W. Trompf, “When I came to Edinburgh I needed quiet space and time to finish two books. Not only did the Institute provide the ideal room and indeed the accompanying services to make that possible, but the collegiality and general atmosphere there stimulated ideas for whole new research projects as well.”

Guido Abbattista, “My personal experience has been that of a wonderful hospitality, full of opportunities to work in Edinburgh and to get in touch with colleagues and researchers.”

Ivan Antonovitch, “Everyone who had the privilege to partake in the generosity of the Institute would ardently hope that it will continue its efforts of aiding the scholars of the world in their common endeavours.”

Diana Henderson: “By far the majority of Fellows, including myself, view the Institute with gratitude, excitement and affection, as an opportunity waiting to happen and as a unique and stimulating experience that is all too short.”

Alistair Mason: “I think any academic, coming back to his home university, would say ‘Why can’t we offer something like Edinburgh’s Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities?’ It is such a wonderful experience for a visiting scholar.”


Dr Jonathon Allison, “Vision and Community in the Poetry of Seamus Heaney”

Professor Ivan Antovich, “Transition to Post-Communism: Triumph & Tragedy”

Dr Saulius Kaubrys, “National Minorities of Lithuania during the Inter-War Period (1918-1939)”

Dr Tibor Laczko, “Some Remarks on Derived Nominals and the Possessor Function in English”

Dr Jan Pilditch, ““My days, besides, are full”: The Biography of Catherine Carswell”

Ms Jayaram Poduval, “Traders, Saints & Missionaries: The Correlation of Christian Art in Kerala & European Art”

Dr Endre Sashalmi, “Understanding 17th Century Muscovite Notions of Power”

Rev. Dr Rowan Strong, “Coronets & Altars: Aristocratic Women’s and Men’s Support for the Oxford Movement in Scotland during the 1840s”

Dr Geoffrey Sweet, “C.P.E. Bach’s Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments in the light of our experience”

Professor Garry Trompf, “Notions of Historical Recurrence in Isaac Newton, Giambattista Vico and Scottish Enlightenment Thinkers”

Professor David B. Wilson, “James Watt’s Separate Condenser: Science, Technology and Society in Mid-18th century Glasgow”

Notice in The Times of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh's visit to Hope Park Square, 10 February 1996
Ferenc Huoranszki
Ivan Antonovich
Leopoldo Acuna
Leopoldo Acuna
Peter Rozsa
Standing: Ven Begamudre, Peter Rozsa, Saulius Kaubrys Seated: Chris Stewart, Ferenc Huoranszki, Peter Jones, Jonathan Allison, Rowan Strong
Standing: Ven Begamudre, Peter Rozsa, Saulius Kaubrys Seated: Ferenc Houranszki, Jonathan Allison, Rowan Strong
Postcard from 1996: Golosuyi ili proigraesh