• Susanne Bach, University of Mannheim
  • Xiaoming Chen, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  • Lord Archie Elliot, private scholar, Edinburgh
  • Duncan Ferguson, Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities
  • Samuel Fleischacker, Williams College
  • Janice Helland, Concordia University
  • Sir Ludovic Kennedy, writer and broadcaster
  • Nikolai Krementsov, St Petersburg
  • Maria Magoska, Institute of Legal Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences
  • David Mullan, University College of Cape Breton
  • C.S. Patil, Directorate of Archaeology and Museums Mysore
  • Hubert Petersmann, University of Heidelberg
  • Andrey V. Pilgoun, Russian Music Publishers
  • Alan Riach, University of Waikato
  • Michael J.D. Roberts, MacQuarrie University
  • Ludmila Rzhanskaya, Gorkii Institute of World Literature Moscow
  • Michael Schäfer, University of Bielefeld
  • M.A. Stewart, University of Lancaster
  • Sergey Trokhatchev, Institute of the History of Science and Technology, St Petersburg
  • Richard Yeo, Griffith University


  • A major project on the European Enlightenment is launched with 14 lectures and six Fellows in residence. Seminars include Professor Donald Livingston on Hume and ‘The True Philosophy’, and a two-day seminar with papers from Dr John Cairns, Professor Dr Diethelm Klippel and Professor Samuel Fleischacker.
  • The Costing Values project meets in Victoria, British Columbia under the title Pacific Values: Tensions between Traditional and Modern Approaches to the Environment.
  • Lt. Col. Dr Diana M. Henderson is appointed Research Director of the Scots at War project.
  • Several new Fellowships are launched: the first three Mellon Foundation Fellows take up residence at IASH, along with the inaugural Charles Wallace India Trust Fellows. To mark the Institute’s 25th year, former Fellows sponsor the new Fellows’ Fellowships, supporting the visits of scholars from Argentina, Belarus, Poland and Hungary.

Hubert Petersmann: “I have only best remembrances from the time when I was there as a Fellow… I can only thank you all once again for the wonderful and scientifically so fruitful days which my wife and I spent in your institution.”

Susanne Bach: “Never before or since have I been able to accomplish so much research in a rather limited period of time. The exceptionally supportive atmosphere and the interdisciplinary contact with colleagues from all over the world meant a lot to me and furthered my research.”

Ellen Dissanayake: “I have nothing but praises for the Institute. As an American from the raw New World, I very much liked the atmosphere of the building, the University, and indeed of Edinburgh, which is one of your greatest assets.”

David Mullan: “I shall always remember many kindnesses, interesting conversations, and stimulating seminars… a changing and always rich kaleidoscope of scholars from around the world, with whom I have ongoing friendships.”


Dr Roger Collins, “Stone Age Politics: History & Nationalism in the Basque Region”

Professor Xiaoming Chen, “The Conflict between Intellectual Culture and Popular Culture in China, 1989-1994”

Professor Samuel Fleischacker, “Adam Smith on Self Interest: Re-reading The Wealth of Nations

Dr Janice Helland, “Art & Friendship: Collaboration among late 19th century Scottish Women Artists”

Dr Nikolai Krementsov, “On the Threshold of the Cold War: US-USSR Cancer Research”

Dr Maria Magoska, “Building ‘Civil Society’ in Poland”

Dr David Mullan, “Covenanting in Scotland 1566-1730: Traditions & Critics”

Dr C.S. Patil, “The Panchatantra in Karnataka Sculpture”

Professor Hubert Petersmann, “How the Greeks & Romans made fun of their Gods & Heroes”

Dr Andrey V. Pilgun, “Ideas of Universal Harmony in the 12th Century”

Dr Alan Riach, “Excavating Hugh McDiarmid: The Archaeology of a Poet’s Collected Works

Dr Michael D.J. Roberts, “Canoeing for Christ: ‘Rob Roy’ MacGregor, Victorian Popular Evangelist”

Dr Michael Schäfer, “City Fathers, Middle Class Elites in Edinburgh in the 1910s & 1920s”

Dr Seiichi Suzuki, “The Principle of Contrast in the meter of Beowulf

Dr Sergey Trokhatchev, “Archigenes of Apamea: Roman Doctor & Literary Figure”

Newspaper article by Susanne Bach, 1995
Anthea Taylor and Andrea Brown
Chen Xiaoming, Peter Jones and Duncan Ferguson
Cheng Xiaoming, Michael Schäfer, Seichi Suzuki and Diana Henderson, 1995
Maria Magoska
Peter Jones and Diana Henderson
Postcard from Prague, 1995
Sandy Stewart