• Adrian Adams, Peasant Farmers’ Association
  • Flemming G. Andersen, The Medieval Centre Odense University
  • Maria Isabel Barbudo, University of Lisbon
  • Tom W.H. Brooking
  • Edward J. Cowan, University of Guelph
  • Suzanne Cunningham, Loyola University
  • George T. Dickie, University of Illinois Chicago
  • Stephen Finley, Haverford College
  • Robert Alastair Hannay, University of Trondheim
  • Gordon Hutton, University College Galway
  • Gary Iseminger, Carleton College
  • Christopher D. Jeffery, University of Port Elizabeth
  • Peter N. Kivy, Rutgers University
  • Ingrid Kuczynski, Martin Luther University Halle Wittenberg
  • Claudine Majzels, Private Scholar, Edinburgh
  • Venke M.A. Olsen, University of Trondheim
  • Hans Peters, Freie Universität Berlin
  • Richard D. Ralston, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Jan P. Rusiecki, University of Warsaw
  • Bernard Sellin, Université de Bretagne Occidentale
  • Juliette M. Wood, Linacre College Oxford


  • IASH moves to Hope Park Square.
  • Weekly work-in-progress seminars continue at IASH’s new home, beginning with Professor S.J. Brown (University of Georgia) on The Scottish Enlightenment and the Evangelical Party in the Church of Scotland 1780-1830.

Chris Jeffrey: “The experience has ever since provided a firm foothold for fighting off university-management philistines.”


Dr Adrian Adams, “ “They don’t know we’re alive”: Literacy and After for a Peasant Farmers’ Association of the Senegal River Valley”

Dr Tom W.H. Brooking, “Okyell to Otago: the Making of New Zealand’s Major Land Reformer, Sir John MacKenzie”

Professor Edward J. Cowan, “Scottish Total History 1500-1700. Is it doable?”

Professor Suzanne Cunningham, “Meaning & Indexicality in Perception”

Dr George T. Dickie: “Evaluating Art, Historical Background”; “The Art Circle: A Theory of Art”

Professor C. Stephen Finley, “Scott, Ruskin, and the Landscape of Autobiography”

Professor R. Alistair Hannay, “Kierkegaard”

Dr Gordon M. Hutton, “Sir James Dalrymple, 1st Viscount Stair”

Professor Gary Iseminger, “The Limits of Interpretation”

Dr Christopher D. Jeffery, “Some Aspects of Early Scots Spelling”

Professor Peter N. Kivy, “How Music Moves”

Dr Ingrid Kuczynski, “Travel as Confrontation – Experiences of 18th Century English Travel Writers”

Dr Claudine Majzels, “Bruegel’s Man with Three Feet and other Moving Pictures”

Mrs Venke M.A. Olsen, “Ethnic Markers in a Multi Ethnic Society: John Francis Campbell’s Pictures and Diaries from North Norway as an Example”

Dr Jan P. Rusiecki, “Grammar for the Speaker and Grammar for the Hearer: Conditionals and if-clauses in Present-Day English”

Dr Juliette M. Wood, “Celtic Folklore and Celtic Literature: The Imaginative Use of Traditional Forms”

Hope Park Square from the Meadows
Hope Park Square
Letters from Australia, 1985
Rachel, Jean, Peter and Laura Jones, 1985
Letter from Edward J. Cowan
The seminar room at Hope Park Square
The Postdoc Suite at Hope Park Square
Coffee lounge at Hope Park Square, c. 1987