• Marcia Allentuck, The City College of the City of New York
  • John David Bastow, University of Dundee
  • John M. Bell, University of Guelph
  • Stewart J. Brown, University of Georgia
  • Christopher Burchill, University of Edinburgh
  • Anthony J. Cascardi, University of California
  • Louise O. Aranye Fradenburg, Dartmouth College
  • Deborah L. Gaitskell, University of London
  • Kurt Gamerschlag, University of Bonn
  • Don Garrett, University of Utah
  • Virginia C. Gathercole, Florida International University
  • Stephen Houlgate, University of Edinburgh
  • Lynette A.C. Hunter, University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology
  • Ahmet Kocaman, Hacettepe University
  • Sylvia H. Myers, Stanford University
  • Gearóid Ó Crualaoich, University College Cork
  • Maria Laura Bettencourt Pires, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa
  • Rosemary Power, University College Dublin
  • Bernard Sellin, Université de Bretagne Occidentale
  • Han Shen, Nanking University
  • Ingi Sigurdsson, University of Iceland
  • Jørgen Staun, University of Copenhagen
  • Bo Stråth, Göteborg University
  • Pray D. Tripathi, University of Ilorin
  • David Vital, Tel Aviv University
  • Sunita Zaidi, Jamia Millia Islamia Delhi


  • Mrs Sophia M.W. Gifford makes a donation of £250,000 to IASH in memory of her husband T.J. Carlyle Gifford, former Chancellor’s Assessor at the University of Edinburgh, and founder of Baillie Gifford & Co. The bequest supports many decades of postdoctoral scholarship at IASH, and forms the foundation of our external income to this day.
  • The Institute supports conferences such as Diderot les dernières années and the Fourth Conference of Irish Historians in Britain.
  • The first weekly Work-in-Progress seminars are held, starting a tradition that lasts to this day.
  • Given the small number of rooms at 17 Buccleuch Place, discussions begin about a possible new home for IASH large enough to accommodate the 50 IPSE Fellows expected to arrive in 1986. The former home of the Department of Artificial Intelligence in Hope Park Square is one of the options.


Professor John M. Bell, “Perversions of Sacrifice in Euripidean Tragedy”

Professor Stewart J. Brown, “The Scottish Enlightenment & The Evangelical Party in the Church of Scotland, 1780-1830”

Dr Christopher Burchill, “Aristotle and the Trinity: the case of Johann Hasler in Strasbourg 1574-1575”

Professor Louise O. Fradenburg, “The Narration of Power in Late Medieval Scotland”

Professor Virginia C. Gathercole, “Is Language Acquisition Relevant to Linguistic Theory?”

Dr Stephen Houlgate, “Hegel on Tragedy”

Dr Rosemary Power, “A Gaelic Folktale in Iceland”

Professor Ingi Sigurdsson, “The Icelandic Enlightenment in its European Context”

Article from the University Bulletin in 1984, describing Sophia Gifford's bequest to IASH
Mrs Sophia Gifford in 1984
17 Buccleuch Place, 1984
Buccleuch Place Gardens, summer 1984
Charles Withers
Letter from Nicholas W. Fisher, 1984
Letter from Bianca Fontana, 1984
Library invoice, 1984
Copy of Radio Times from 1955 found under the study room floor at 17 Buccleuch Place, 1984