• Laurie Bauer, University of Wellington
  • Kenneth Buthlay, University of Glasgow
  • Richard W. Butler, University of Western Ontario
  • John Davies, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth
  • Peter E. Denman, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth
  • Janos Fedak, University of Toronto
  • Fred Freeman, University of Edinburgh
  • Thorstein Fretheim, University of Trondheim
  • Roger H. Lonsdale, Balliol College Oxford
  • Ruth B. Marcus, Yale University
  • W. Stitt Robinson, University of Kansas
  • Peter A. Schouls, University of Alberta
  • Peter S. Schroeder-Heister, University of Konstanz
  • Harold P. Simonson, University of Washington
  • Ernest W. Sullivan, Texas Tech University
  • Graham J. Tulloch, Flinders University
  • Michael L.H.L. Weaver, Linacre College Oxford
  • Anthony D. Wright, University of Leeds


  • Visiting speakers include R.M. Hare on Moral Philosophy and G.C. Schoolfield on A Chronology of Decadence.
  • The Institute hosts a two-day colloquium and reception in honour of George Davie, titled Adam Smith and Continental Thought.
  • David Daiches delivers the Gifford Lectures.
  • On 11 April, a press conference is held to announce the launch of Institute Project Scottish Enlightenment 1986 (known as IPSE). Wide coverage is given in the local and national press, and on BBC radio and television. Between March and October 1986, some 50 distinguished Fellows will be invited to Edinburgh to study the Scottish intellectual and artistic life of the period 1750-1800; public lectures and seminars will be given; and a major exhibition will be mounted.

Laurie Bauer: “I found the Institute an extremely congenial place to work in. It provided a status within the University of Edinburgh, a place to work in, a continually renewed set of colleagues (who, even if they were not from the same disciplinary background, were interesting people suffering from the same social displacement), and ready access to colleagues in my own discipline. On top of that, it was in Edinburgh, no small advantage, especially during the Festival! I believe that there are too few institutions like the Institute.”


Dr Laurie Bauer, “Unstructured Observations on the Phonetics and Phonology of New Zealand English”

Professor Richard W. Butler, “Factors Influencing the Development of Travel and Tourism in the Scottish Highlands, 1750-1900”

Dr Peter S. Heister, “Popper’s Theory of Deductive Inference & the Concept of a Logical Constant”

Professor George Schoolfield, “A Chronology of Decadence”

Professor Harold P. Simonson, “Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) and his Scottish Connections”

Dr Graham J. Tulloch, “The Search for a Scots Narrative Voice”

Dr Anthony D. Wright, “Church & Society in the Spain of Phillip II”

Invitation to seminar led by G.J. Tulloch: "Robert Garioch's Scots", 18 May 1983
An IASH reception
Article from The Scotsman, 12 April 1983
Letter from China, 1983
Letter from China, 1983
Article in the Edinburgh Evening News, 1 April 1983
An IASH reception
An IASH reception
Article in the Edinburgh Evening News, 12 April 1983
An IASH reception
An IASH reception
An IASH reception
David Daiches and Fellows
Postcard from West Germany, 1983
Letter from the USA, 1983
University Bulletin from 1983, advertising the launch of IPSE
Christopher J. Wrigley stands as a Labour candidate in 1983, the year after his Fellowship at IASH (he comes third, with 6,838 votes)