• Elisabeth M. Arbuckle, University of Puerto Rico
  • Alexandra A.T. Barratt, University of Waikato
  • Ilmars Birznieks, Berea College Kentucky
  • George G. Dekker, Stanford University
  • William C. Dowling, University of New Mexico
  • Robin W. Fiddian, University College Galway
  • Fred W. Freeman, University of Edinburgh
  • Peter D. Garside, University College Cardiff
  • Herbert H. Kaplan, Indiana University
  • Terry E. Miller, Kent State University
  • James Moore, Concordia University
  • Arden Reed, Pomona College Claremont
  • T.J. Sienkewicz, Howard University
  • M.A. Stewart, University of Lancaster
  • Michael Timko, City University of New York
  • Juefei Wang, Nanking University
  • Garry Wills, Northwestern University
  • Elemire Zella, University of Rome


  • Visiting speakers include Gabriel Josipovici, Priscilla Bawcutt and Carlisle Moore.
  • The Institute supports a range of conferences, including the Sixteenth Symposium of Byzantine Studies and a symposium on medieval Islamic arts in Persia and Turkey. It also hosts the conference The Rhetoric of Praise and Blame in September, in association with the Department of French.

James Moore: “The Institute has been indispensable for my own work as a publishing scholar. The sense of community and collegiality among the Fellows was remarkable. It has remained, for me, the model of what a centre for research and scholarship should be: welcoming, stimulating, collegial.”

William C. Dowling: “Daiches was to me a legendary figure, not least because of the company in which I knew him to have moved through life. He’d taught at Oxford, Cambridge and many U.S. universities, most famously at Cornell alongside both Vladimir Nabokov and Meyer Abrams. Daiches had been Head of Cornell’s Division of Literature when Nabokov taught there… it had been Daiches who suggested the course in the novel that would make Nabokov legendary as a teacher and critic as well as a literary genius… what seemed magical was sitting across from someone who’d actually known the author of Pnin and Pale Fire on a day-to-day basis.”


Professor James Moore, “Natural Law and the Pyrrhonian Controversy”

Professor M.A. Stewart, “New Light on the Rankenian Club”

17 Buccleuch Place, 1982
IASH at 17 Buccleuch Place, 1982
William C. Dowling in 1982
Fellows at Buccleuch Place, 1982
Fellows at Buccleuch Place, 1982
Fellows at Buccleuch Place, 1982
Fellows at Buccleuch Place, 1982
Garry Wills at Buccleuch Place, 1982
Fellows' lunch in the garden, 1982
A study at 17 Buccleuch Place, 1982
David Hume Tower, 1982
Fellows' lunch in the garden, 1982
The Old Golf Tavern, 1982
Fellows Lunch, 1982
George Square, 1982
William C. Dowling at White House Loan, 1982
IASH Newsletter No.1, 1982
IASH Newsletter No.1, 1982
Letter from the USA, 1982