• Sharon E. Cregier, University of Prince Edward Island
  • Hugh L.A. Dunthorne, University College of Swansea
  • Kit Fine, University of Michigan
  • Robert M.S. Hamilton, University of Queensland
  • F.H. Mares, University of Adelaide
  • Frank H. Marsh, Old Dominion University
  • Thomas Mautner, Australian National University
  • Dougald McMillan, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • George Perkins, Eastern Michigan University
  • R. Radhakrishnan, University of Calgary
  • Millard Schumaker, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
  • Ridgway F. Shinn, Rhode Island College


  • IASH supports the Carlyle Conference In February and the Carlyle Centenary Lectures. In April, a conference on portraiture, to commemorate the centenary of the foundation of the Watson Gordon Chair of Fine Art, is also supported.
  • Quentin Skinner presents a public lecture on The relationship between the history of ideas and intellectual history.
  • The Literary Theory Group use the Institute for a series of seminars.
  • A buffet lunch in June is attended by the Principal, the University Secretary and the Rector, Fr Anthony Ross.
  • IASH publishes its first newsletter for former Fellows.

Lord Murray: “It seems to me to have achieved a world-wide spread of academic contacts in a wide range of subjects which is without parallel elsewhere in this country.”


Dr Sharon E. Creigier, “Farm Animal Ethnology: A Source Book”

Dr Hugh L.A. Dunthorne, “British Travellers in 18th Century Holland”

Mr Robert M.S. Hamilton, “Riots: meal disturbances in N.E. Scotland during the Great Famine”

Mr F.H. Mares, “‘Much Ado about Nothing’: The Range & Limits of Interpretation”

Professor Donka Minkova, “Environment for Middle English Open Syllable Lengthening”

Professor George Perkins, “Waverley

Professor Ridgway F. Shinn, “Carmichael-Keith Correspondence on the Dissolution of 1908, Victoria”

Exterior of Buccleuch Place, 1981
Exterior of Buccleuch Place, 1981
Peter Jones and Fellows, 1981
Peter Jones and Fellows, 1981