• Paula Backscheider, University of Rochester
  • Richard Bales, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Warner Barnes, University of Texas
  • Gerald J. Bryant, Bolton Institute of Technology
  • Seamas Caulfield, University College Dublin
  • Elizabeth Duke, University of Otago
  • Michael Green, University of Liverpool
  • Alasdair MacDonald, University of Ghana
  • Gunnel M. Melchers, Stockholm University
  • Donka Minkova, University of Sofia
  • Jill Rubenstein, University of Cincinnati
  • George Sher, University of Vermont
  • Anthony T.Q. Stewart, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Ivo Vidan, University of Zagreb


  • Following the illness of William Beattie in March, Professor I.M. Campbell steps in as Acting Director. In October, Professor David Daiches is appointed Honorary Director of the Institute. Professor Peter Jones is appointed Deputy Director.
  • Ten years after the first Fellows arrived at IASH, the Institute now receives hundreds of enquiries about Fellowships and around 90 full applications each year.
  • IASH supports the Arthurian Studies Conference.
  • Visiting speakers include Eva Hajičová and Dorothee Steffensky-Sölle.
  • In May, a weekend colloquium and reception in honour of Denys Hay is held, including a lecture by Sir Richard Southern. Hay retires from the university having been associated with IASH since its inception.

David Daiches, “Bridge-building is my vocation.”


Professor Warner Barnes, “Mist in the Face of Seeing Browning Plain: some remarks on analytical bibliography & literary studies”

Dr Gerald J. Bryant, “Pacification in the Early Raj, 1750-1780”

Dr Elizabeth Duke, “On Editing Plato”

IASH leaflet, 1980
IASH leaflet, 1980