• Priscilla Bawcutt, private scholar, Liverpool
  • Iain Brash, University of Western Australia
  • Mary E. Brown, Indiana University
  • Edward Gregg, University of South Carolina
  • Errol E. Harris, Northwestern University
  • Christopher T. Harvie, The Open University
  • Maurice Lee, Rutgers University
  • Mary Ellen B. Lewis, Indiana University
  • Walter H. Maurer, University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • Charles Murison, University of Western Ontario
  • George Schoolfield, Yale University
  • Millard Schumaker, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
  • Anne M. Skabarnicki, Lafayette College


  • IASH makes the 150th anniversary of Ibsen’s birth with papers by Professor James MacFarlane and others, and a dialogue between Professor Russell Davis and Dr David Thomas on psychological and dramatic aspects of his 1886 play Rosmersholm.
  • David Daiches delivers the lecture Some Aspects of Scottish Gentility.
  • A sixth Fellow’s office is opened, in the former kitchen of 17 Buccleuch Place.
  • A. Christianson, assistant editor of the Duke-Edinburgh Edition of the Carlyle Letters, is accommodated at IASH for several months.

Priscilla Bawcutt, “I was particularly fortunate in the timing of my stay, since it introduced me to a number of scholars who shared similar interests, with whom I had many fruitful discussions. One of these was the Director himself, Professor Willie Beattie, who showed me great kindness while I was in Edinburgh.”


Mrs Priscilla Bawcutt, “Maggillit Makaris: William Dunbar and Gavin Douglas”

Mr Iain Brash, “The Organisation of Electoral Politics in Scottish Counties, 1832 and after”

Professor Edward Gregg, “Queen Anne —A Reassessment”

Professor Errol E. Harris, “Frege & Hegel on Concept & Number”

Professor Christopher T. Harvie, “Coping with the slump in Scotland 1921-1939”; “John Buchan and the Scots Renaissance”; “The Theory and Practice of Political Elites”

Dr Iain W.A. Jamieson, “The Context of Henryson’s Poetry”

Professor Alistair M. MacLeod, “Jobs, Justice and the Merit Principle”

Professor Walter H. Maurer, “The Rigveda and some Problems in its Translation”

Professor Charles Murison, “Two Military Revolts in Germany – Vitellius and Saturninus, A.D. 69/89”

Professor Millard Schumaker, “‘Giving without Reckoning’: Generalised Reciprocity and Duties of Imperfect Obligation”

Dr Anne M. Skabarnicki, “Carlyle’s Reminiscences of Edward Irving and Francis Jeffrey”

Ian W.A. Jamieson, the Secretary, Walter H. Maurer, Mary Ellen B. Lewis and William Beattie take tea on the back steps of 17 Buccleuch Place, 1978
IASH Visiting Research Fellowship advertisement from 1978
IASH Fellowship advertisement from 1978
Book cover: "Rosmersholm" by Henrik Ibsen, 1886