• Marinell Ash, BBC Scotland
  • Andrew L. Brown, private scholar, Cambridge
  • Robert P. Creed, University of Massachusetts/Amhurst
  • Charles Manning, University of Canterbury
  • Jo Newberry Vellacott, private scholar, Toronto
  • Richard S. Peterson, University of Virginia
  • Thomas Ian Rae, National Library of Scotland
  • Margaret Sampson, York University Ontario
  • Ahmad M.H. Shboul, University of Jordan


  • Margaret Jardine is appointed as Secretary.
  • IASH leads commemorations of the bicentenary of the death of David Hume, including supporting a major conference on Hume in August.
  • Nicolas Barker, editor of the Book Collector, delivers his public lecture, Caxton and the Mind of Man, to celebrate the quincentenary of the introduction of printing in England.
  • IASH supports the Paul Valéry Colloquium in November.


Dr Marinell Ash, “The David Laing Correspondence and Scottish Historical Writing”

Dr Andrew L. Brown, “Some emendations in the Seven against Thebes of Aeschylus”

Professor Robert P. Creed, “The Poetic Line of Beowulf: Analysis & Performance”

Dr Jo Newberry, “Peace and the Vote: a new view of women and the First World War”

Dr Thomas Ian Rae, “The Early Sections of Hector Boece’s History

Dr Margaret Sampson, “Where was the Viol in 17th Century Scotland?”

Dr Ahmad M.H. Shboul, “The Image of the Byzantines in Arabic Literature”

Exterior of Buccleuch Place, 1976
Invitation to a seminar by Marinell Ash: "The David Laing Correspondence and Scottish Historical Writing", 26 May 1976
Interior of Buccleuch Place
David Hume's Memorial in the Old Calton Cemetery
Plaque of David Hume